Storm Area 51 “at your own peril” warns Nottingham UFO investigator

“The common mistake is that there are aliens at Area 51, they are actually 15 miles south at S4”

Whether they are holding little green men, the cure to all diseases or Shrek five, Area 51 has been the mother of all curiosity for anyone with a passing interest in conspiracy theories. Initially intended as a joke, the “storm area 51, they can’t stop all of us” Facebook event set the online world alight this summer. But behind all the memes and good-natured shenanigans, there are legitimate fears that at least one brave soul may try to cross into the unknown.

Nottingham’s top UFO investigator Anthony James has researched stories of our friends beyond the stars for 30 years and has visited area 51 twice in both 1994 and 1996. So with the “raid” set to take place on Friday, we had a chat with the veteran believer for his thoughts on the purposed raid.

Have you seen this supposed raid, what do you think about it?

Yeah, the invasion of Area 51 on the 20th. Well it started off as a joke and it goes down the mountain and gains more and more. Some people have started to take it seriously. They estimate a million people turning up, it’s going to be a great jam! As for going over the border, the local sheriff says they have been preparing for this since July. you can almost guarantee the security at area 51 they will have been building up the forces for the 20th. So, what I would say whoever crosses that border be prepared to be met with force.

Distance Shot of area 51 taken in 1994

Do you think people shouldn’t bother risking it then?

Absolutely not. The local police out there want it to be a friendly event, there’s a festival scheduled out there they are calling alien stock. It should be a good celebration of Area 51, we know it’s there, we know what’s out there, but don’t take the mickey.

Is it even possible to raid Area 51?

What you’ve got to remember about area 51 is you’ve got highway 375, passes the turn off to area 51. You’ve got one turn off for area 51 and one turn off for the back gate which is north. This road from the highway to the actual border is 11 miles long, its as straight as the roman road and you can see people coming from miles away. To your left and to your right you have hills and mountains which people go up to look into the base, which are impenetrable by vehicle. So, what you’ve got is a bottle neck entrance to the warning signs at area 51. So, you’ve got absolutely no chance of getting in there. So as soon a you get close to that border, the Lincoln sheriff county department are watching you and if you cross it, you’ll be in military hands.

Highway 375, heading into area 51

So, would you say it’s too dangerous to cross into area 51?

Absolutely, do so at your own peril.

So are there aliens at Area 51?

The common mistake is that people make is that aliens are at area 51. The Roswell crash may well have ended up at area 51, but the UFO’s are stored at S4. Which according to other researchers is where they are holding 9 alien space craft in hangers in the side of the Mountains. The S4 base is about 15 miles south over the mountain range, so there are no alien space craft at area 51, they are a few miles south.

Will you be going to alien stock?

No, no. I’m staying in Nottingham. I have been out there twice now in 94 both and 96, when this stuff started to take off. We (him and his wife) went out there in 94 and we went to the little alien inn. And we got talking to a chap in the bar who took us to right to the border and showed us the area. We were taken up the mountain to look directly across to the base the other side, but you just can’t see it.

By Adam Ridgley

All Photo’s courtesy of Anthony James

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  1. I remember early summer 1991 we drove too Nottingham for a night out from Leicester, we saw lights land in a field on our drive home, was it that May night? All I remember we passed a sign called Plumtree, we parked up when we saw these strange lights, very quick lights land in a field , we pulled into a lay by overlooking the field, it was a very large field and we could not see what the ‘light s’ had landed into , we just knew this wasn’t normal, it made no discernable noise,
    I just think the dates coalesced with the dates I read the accounts of lots of sightings, upon landing in the field , this craft stayed put, we stayed there a good 15 mins we smoked and then we drove on, we convinced each other it was a helicopter ,perhaps it was, but why land in a field? And why no noise, and the two lights , it was so quick, it didnt make sense, 29 yrs later I still remember distinctly..

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