See the differences between Tier 4 and Tier 3 as Nottingham enters tighter restrictions

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will be entering the highest level of COVID restrictions tier from Thursday, December 31.

There are similarities between the tiers however there are a number of important differences.

What shops will remain open in Tier 4?

Firstly, is shops. Under tier 3, non-essential retail was allowed to remain open, however under tier 4 all non-essential must close.

Examples essential retail that will stay include supermarkets, banks, and pharmacies.

Non-essential stores including clothes stores, hairdressers, gyms, and florists will close.

Non-essential shops will remain open under Tier 4 restrictions. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Will I be able to meet my friends from a different household?

Another key difference is the ability to meet people.

People in both tiers can not meet with other households indoors, however in tier 3 people were able to meet in up to groups of six in public spaces.

Under tier 4 however, this is no longer the case.

Under the new restrictions people will be able to meet up with one other person from outside their household.

Support bubbles function the same in both tiers.

If you live alone, you are allowed to make a bubble with one household.

New travel restrictions in Tier 4

Rules on leaving home are also different in tier 4 than in tier 3.

Under tier 3 restrictions, people are discouraged from leaving their homes but are able to go to any shop and visit the hairdresser and the gym.

Tighter restrictions will be applied in regards to travelling. (Image credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Now, in tier 4, people should only leave their homes for essential reasons such as education, work, food shopping and medical reasons.

Linking to this is travel between tiers.

This is where the two tiers are similar, as in both only essential travel is permitted when leaving your area.

How will this affect me as a student?

Students are allowed to return to their university homes but may find that their teaching has been moved online.

Students are unsure whether they should return to university campuses. (Credit: Olimpia Zagnat)

Something that needs to be done is that before students return to their residence, they will need to return a negative coronavirus test, as well as do one at the university when they get back.

These restrictions have no set end date, however will be continually be reviewed in order to keep Nottinghamshire’s stay in tier 4 as short as possible.

By Kieran Burt

Featured image: Olimpia Zagnat

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