Turning Point members clash with Socialist protestors in Nottingham

The right-wing pressure group, which now has a UK branch, believe there is a left-wing bias in universities

Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA have come to Nottingham Trent University to promote Capitalism and fight the “left wing bias” in today’s universities.

The group describe themselves as a “student movement for free markets, limited government and personal responsibility.

The event, which was billed by Turning Point UK as a “campus clash” featured a panel of four Turning point members including its co-founders Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, Joel Chilaka the groups UK influencer and George Famer whose father is a Conservative peer.

The event started with a quote from Kirk: “The left hates the idea that there are other ideas”.

Owens, who described university campuses as “leftist indoctrination centres” also brought up the media attention that Turning Point have gotten prior to the event: “when I was reading it I was thinking; wow they sound like a terrible organisation”, to which Kirk responded, “I hate those guys.”

Kirk, of Chicago Illinois started the organisation when he was 18 years old to fight for: “the ideas of free markets, limited government, the constitution, individual rights, [and] free speech.”

Owen’s goal is to “lead the black revolution against the Democratic party.”

When speaking about the party, Owens said: The Democratic party hates “aeroplanes, babies, Jews and cars”.

During the Q&A, the panel engaged in an argument with a Socialist activist on workers rights, Kirk said about why Conservatives don’t “riot and protest”: “its because we’re better people… we have decency and standards… we have jobs”.

Owens added: “the point I am making is that anyone can make something out of themselves in a free market society”, and that it is “very easy to become a millionaire in America”.

The activist responded by saying: “I’m just trying to stand up for my class, these are the hands that make the things that you enjoy and these hands are coming for your throat really soon because we are winning.”

The group’s next event will be in Brighton.

By Tiernan Phipps

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