Two men injured after Nottingham Trent assault

In the early hours of Sunday October 20, two 18-year-old men were assaulted near Nottingham Trent University students’ union, leaving them both injured.

The NTU fresher, who prefers to stay anonymous, was on his way back from Stealth nightclub on Goldsmith Street with a friend, when they were attacked.

The men were heading towards Byron Residence on NTU’s City campus, where they were meeting a friend, as a stranger approached them in an unprovoked attack.

One of the victims said of the attack: “I received a tap on the shoulder, turned around and got hit and knocked out.”

“When I came back around I saw my friend get kicked in the face,” he continued.

The victim added that “it was completely unprovoked, I’d never seen the two men before in my life.”

As a result of the attack, the Students’ Union was taped off on Sunday morning, and witnesses said they saw a “number of police cars” at the scene.

The teenagers were given medical checks at the site of the attack by emergency services, before continuing on to receive care at The Queens Medical Centre.

As a result of the attack, both men were left with injuries including a broken nose, chipped teeth and a broken jaw.

This case is currently being handled by Nottinghamshire Police.

If you have any more information, please contact

By Faith Pring and Tom Bailey

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