UK students petition for university tuition refund as campuses close over COVID-19

Students in some UK universities have launched a petition for tuition fees to be refunded or reduced due to the suspension of campus classes and limited resources amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

The petition states that many UK and international students feel they are not getting access to the physical resources that their tuition fees are paying for under current government’s restriction measures.

There are concerns over further disruption regarding students’ mental health as a result of self-isolation and social distancing.

It also says, “the level of teaching they are currently receiving and expect to receive in the next few months will not be the same standard as before closures or COVID-19.”

The petition requests that “undergraduates whose tuition fees are paid directly by Student Finance England either receive a partial reduction in the next instalment due or a refund if tuition fees have already been paid.”

A student who signed the petition said, “It’s just not right paying so much money and going through it.

“Not only are we paying for tuition, but we still have to pay for rent even though we have gone back home.”

“If the UK government had taken actions ahead, it wouldn’t have come to this point.”

“Clearly they have to be responsible for our loss.”

A parent whose daughter is a first-year student of Lancaster University said, “…in her first year, teachers of the university have been on strike twice and no lessons because of COVID-19.

“All fees should be wiped (as) she has not had £9,250 worth of tuition.”

The petition was launched on Sunday and has received nearly 200 signatures as of Tuesday, 24 March.

By Qing Na

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