Varsity 2020: Rugby League and Cheer react to Varsity’s cancellation

As a result of NTSU taking the decision to cancel this year’s Varsity series due to the spread of COVID-19, sports clubs from across the University have expressed their disappointment.

Varsity 2020 was scheduled to run from today (March 18) and was due to feature matches and performances from the sports clubs at both Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and the University of Nottingham (UoN).

Due to its cancellation, it is likely that all the final year students on these teams will miss out on their last chance to play and represent their University.

Laurence Green, 22, is NTU’s Rugby League president and expressed his disappointment at missing out on his final competition for NTU.

“As a final year who has participated in a dramatic win for Trent at Varsity last year, I’m really disappointed for the 3rd years who were injured for Varsity last year, who lost in their 1st year,” he told us.

“A lot of our first-year players who have shown commitment and been looking forward to the challenge all year are also frustrated that this event that’s been built up all year is unfortunately not taking place.”

However, Laurence is open to the idea of rescheduling Varsity for later in the year.

“One option to explore would be to potentially play them after and towards the end of pre-season in September providing the Virus has become controlled and predictable,” he suggested.

“Players who are leaving could make themselves available for a weekend and the fixtures could thus go ahead, which might be beneficial for all NTU societies, attracting attention during freshers week for a multitude of sports, and encouraging more students to join societies at Trent.”

Lorelei Thompson, 22, from NTU’s Varsity Cheer team A, told us how unfortunate the cancellation of Varsity is and what it means for their team.

“I think as a whole society we are all devastated about the cancelation of varsity,” she said.

“For a lot of us, including myself this was the last Varsity as I am about to graduate, and a lot of us are so upset that we will not get that chance to perform.”

The entire cheer committee have been amazing this year and even though it has come to an end we are all so happy we chose to do cheer at university.”

NTU Cheerleading Varsity team A (credit: NTU Cheer Varsity A)

By Faith Pring

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