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NTU become first UK university to enter men’s netball competition

Nottingham Trent University are looking forward to participating in a “groundbreaking” moment for men’s netball in the UK.

NTU are to be the first university in the UK to join the Men’s National League tournament, working in collaboration with England Men’s & Mixed Netball Association.

They will also host the National Men’s and mixed Tournament at Clifton Campus in August.

Louise Hopkin, Head of Netball at Nottingham Trent University, said it is an incredibly positive time for netball at NTU and in the East Midlands.

She said: ““Everyone at NTU Sport is extremely excited to be bringing men’s netball to the East Midlands.

“We are fully committed to the development of the men’s game and have lots of plans to increase participation moving forward.

“Right now we cannot wait to get going and welcome new faces through our doors.”

Jake Huxley, a netball coach and player at NTU, added: “There has been men’s stuff going on for many years now, but to have it in a formal, organised league just for men’s team is groundbreaking for the sport.

“All the work that the guys do behind the scenes to get the court sorted is going to help us progress so much quicker than we otherwise would.”

The university is to host a recruitment event on Saturday, May 29, at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre on Clifton Campus.

Training with the team will begin soon after, with regular Saturday morning training sessions from 10:00 am – 11.30 am, ahead of the National Tournament commencing in August.

Main Photo: Nottingham Trent University

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