A guide to ISEP (International exchange program)

If you’ve ever dreamt of living and studying abroad, ISEP is an organization that can help students embark on a life-changing study abroad program in over 50 countries.

A range of study abroad and exchange programs take place each year at various universities and organizations around the world, and ISEP makes it possible for you to live and learn alongside students from other cultures, in a subject relevant to your course. Due to the great expense of American universities, ISEP offers a cheaper way to study in the United States.

As an NTU exchange student, you can study for a semester or a full year, if approved by your school or department. If you cannot study abroad during the academic year, ISEP has a range of summer programs available too.

What are the program options available?

ISEP Exchange – This is where you will swap with an ISEP student from another country and each student will pay their home university tuition fees, housing, and meals. The placement will depend on availability at the host university. Choose up to 10 universities and they will place you at the best option depending on exchange space and your academic needs.
For study beginning in September, NTU deadline is mid-January. For study beginning  January/February, NTU deadline is the end of July

ISEP Direct – Instead of swapping places with another ISEP student you enroll directly and pay the host tuition fee and maybe more. However, you are not dependent on having someone to swap places with you.

ISEP summer program – This is for students who are looking for an intensive language course, a unique interdisciplinary cultural program or who want to choose their own classes for a summer school experience. For students with hectic and full-on academic schedules and limited budgets, an ISEP summer program can be a great option. Sometimes students who choose to do summer programs can end up studying abroad again for a second summer, a semester or full-year.

The destinations available include, Africa, South America, The United States, and New Zealand & Oceania.

To meet the requirements you must:

  1. Have completed your first year of study or academic coursework at NTU.
  2. Have a good academic record and approval from your course leader. (That means no skipping lectures)
  3. You must meet the language requirements of the host university

Additional cost includes transport, ISEP application fee, ISEP health insurance, visa fees, books, and personal endeavors.

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By Abi Trunk

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

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