Bustler Market: Sneinton’s answer to fun and flavour

Following their VIP launch (September 29), Bustler has opened their new Nottingham branch to the public.

Having been so lucky to have attended their VIP launch, I can safely say that Bustler is set to be a hit with Nottingham students.

In an Instagram post advertising their opening weekend (September 30 – October 2), Bustler announced: “On 30th Sept we’re opening our doors to offer you lovely lot Nottingham’s NEWEST & BIGGEST street food market.” They added: “Open EVERY Thu – Sun serving up tasty grub, craft beer & cocktails, live DJs & all the good times you’ll not wanna miss out.”

Bustler Market launched their first location in Derby in 2017. Alike its Nottingham branch, Bustler Derby provides regular street food events, a variety of tasty beverages, live music, and good vibes. Lucky for the students of Nottingham, we do not have to venture out to experience this anymore!

Bustler Market is, dare I say, exactly what Sneinton needed. For those who had the chance to attend the VIP launch or the opening night, you will know just what I mean.

Upon approaching the venue, you are met with the beauty that is Sneinton Market Avenues. For those unfamiliar, the Avenues are home to an elite selection of independent businesses and creative studios – Nottingham’s finest. Bustler, located on Avenue E, could not be more fitting. Situated amongst award-winning chocolatiers, jungle-clad plant nurseries, and colourful cafés, Bustler fits right in.

Image Credit: Katie Mortimer
Image Credit: Katie Mortimer

For foodies, you are in for a treat. As soon as you spot the entrance, you are hit with the most gorgeous aromas. For their launch weekend, Bustler hosted Kebab Cartel, El Capo’s Pizza, the Bourneville Waffle Co., Prad Thai, and Yardbirds – of which you can only imagine the mouth-watering scents. Speaking to some of the vendors, we found out they work on a rotation basis, meaning those attending the market are always in for a surprise!

As a welcome gift to those attending the VIP launch, we were lucky enough to choose a free meal and drink to accompany our evening. I opted for Prad Thai’s Vegan Yellow Curry, which was incredible. You cannot go wrong with a fragrant spice of coconut milk curry and a sizeable portion. My guest ordered a Yardbird burger complemented by salted skin on fries which I can only imagine tasted divine based on her facial expressions.

Image Credit: Katie Mortimer

Being the students we are, we used our free drink vouchers for a cocktail, which did not disappoint. With six cocktails to choose from, we admittedly took our time picking between the tempting options. We ended up with a Classy Paloma and a Mary Pickford. The Classy Paloma was a tequila, agave, lime, grapefruit and prosecco mix which we could only describe as a mimosa’s naughty older sister. The Mary Pickford, on the other hand, was a rum, pineapple, cherry, and grenadine mix which gave us total beach vibes. It was a, somehow, fruiter version of a pina colada and could be regarded as Bustler’s answer to a tequila sunrise.

As for the venue, it is massive – in a good way. With a capacity for 500 people inside and an extra 300 outside, you will never have to deal with that claustrophobic club culture. The design is simple but effective with a rustic interior, much akin to a slightly unfinished housing project (pre-décor). The concrete floors and wooden panelled tables make for an upscale barn crossed with a fancy greenhouse.

Fauna makes up most of their décor, but the overall ornamentation and colour scheme speak for themselves. With style utterly unique to Bustler, it is no doubt that your friends will pop up to your story, begging to know where you are. Their graffiti-styled high ceiling by Natalie Coe, disco ball, and ambient lighting are the perfect setting for dates, friend groups and even family!

Image Credit: Katie Mortimer

Home to a combination of booths, bar tables, and outdoor seating, you are spoilt for choice. Everyone has a preference, and Bustler meets those requirements. But they did not stop there. With live DJs and expected live music, Bustler provides a night like no other. Their funky tunes completely match their vibe, and it is obvious how much heart and effort has gone into this. It will undoubtedly be one of Nottingham’s best venues for small gigs, comedians, live music and even significant birthday events.

Those still interested in catching the opening festivities can attend the market between 12 and 11 pm today and 12 and 6 pm tomorrow for their Sunday Session. However, if you happen to be busy, worry not! Bustler is opening every single weekend from Thursday to Sunday, so you do not have to miss out. Make your way down to Sneinton Market Avenue E to experience the fun for yourself!

Lead Image Credit: Katie Mortimer

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