Five activities to do with your friends this Halloween

Halloween is definitely going to look a little different this year. With Nottingham now in Tier 3 of COVID-19 restrictions, the usual festivities will simply not be possible; there will be no nights out, no Halloween parties (unless you have one within your household) and no competitions for the best costume. However, there is still some fun to be had this spooky season. Here are our top five tips for a fang-tastic Halloween following coronavirus restrictions. 

  1. Have a film night 

Film nights are a great way to spend time with friends at any time of year. This Halloween, gather your housemates in front of the telly and grab some snacks for a more low-key evening. Netflix and Amazon Prime have some great spooky film choices, however, if you’re still stuck for ideas, check out our favourite Halloween movies here.

2. Throw a party (households only!)

Unfortunately, big house parties have now become a thing of the past. While we mourn the times when we could have large gatherings of friends and family, it’s important to remember that we can still celebrate Halloween within our households. Maybe you could have a costume competition with your housemates, followed by some food or party games? M&s currently have lots of Halloween snacks which are perfect for a tasty evening in. 

 Alternatively, for the drinkers out there, you could have a cocktail night and spend time together making some themed beverages to make the holiday a little more fun. Here are some recipe ideas from BBC Good Food for some alcoholic inspiration

3. Do some spooky-themed baking

2 white and brown cupcakes on clear glass plate
Have some fun making ghost cookies this Halloween
Image credit: @alschim – Unsplash

Lockdown certainly bought out the bakers in a lot of us. Remember how fun it was making that banana bread back in March? Well, this Halloween could be the perfect time to put your apron back on and do some spooky-themed baking with your friends. 

Baking can be relatively inexpensive when the cost is split between housemates, so it’s the perfect activity for a student budget. You could make some Halloween cookies, spider biscuits or candy apples – whatever takes your fancy! Here are a few recipes to get you started

4. Outdoor cinema at Wollaton Hall

Halloween Outdoor Cinema - Wollaton Hall
Watching a film in the great outdoors is a great way to spend time with friends
Image credit: Wollaton Hall

You might struggle to find many Halloween events that are actually still happening this year (thanks, COVID!) However, you’ll be pleased to know that Wollaton Hall is going ahead with their outdoor cinema experiences over the Halloween weekend. 

Films such as The Shining, Hocus Pocus, The Lost Boys and Ghostbusters will be shown for the price of £3 per car. Picnics are welcome (maybe you could bring some of your spooky bakes along) and there is also food and drink available to buy on-site if you fancy splashing the cash. 

Please visit Wollaton Hall’s website to find out more information and showtimes. 

5.  Get your quiz on!

I know what you’re thinking… I thought we had seen the back of the Zoom quizzes as well. Yet, in these times of ever-growing restrictions, an online quiz may just be the safest way to celebrate Halloween this year with friends from different households. Get creative with some themed questions, and you could have more fun than you think! Of course, there is always the option to involve alcohol in this activity too if you are that way inclined. 

Hopefully, you have gotten some inspiration from our tips and maybe by October 2021, we will be able to celebrate Halloween in a more familiar fashion. However, for now, we must find fun wherever possible!

Written by Jessica Goddard

Feature image credit: Sophie Puffett – @sophiepuffettdesign

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