Five countries you are still able to visit under travel restrictions

Do you fancy a trip abroad to explore exotic and new places but that seems, in current times, like just a dream? Well, I might have some positive news for you! There are some incredible countries that UK citizens are still allowed to visit… and here is my top five. However, make sure you check the UK government website before booking to find out the most up to date information. 

1. Cuba

aerial photography of buildings
The stunning mountains of Trinidad Photo credit: @xh_s – Unsplash

Cuba completely re-opened for tourism in August, and no quarantine is required, neither on arrival nor when coming back to the UK. Nonetheless, you will still need to take a free test at the airport, as well as a temperature check before entering the country.  

Cuba is considered during this pandemic to be one of the safest destinations in the world. So get ready to either enjoy the crystal Caribbean Sea on a Cayo or to grab a taxi particular and visit all the island’s cultural cities and natural wonders! Absolute highlights are Trinidad and Viñales Valley. 

2. Greece

aerial view of orange brick castle near steep rock cliff
Incredible views in Meteora, Greece Photo credit: @sorincicos – Unsplash

Even though a visit to the Greek islands is now off-limits due to the quarantine on return, the mainland is still a destination to take into consideration. Less famous, but equally worthy and home to a vast number of cultural gems, Greece gifts its visitors with pleasing Mediterranean weather all year long.

Aside from Athens, Delphi (“The Navel of the Earth”), Meteora and Arachova are some top destinations for this Autumn. The only entry requirements are a negative Coronavirus test result from a maximum of three days before your arrival (which you can book privately) and a Passenger Locator Form.

3. Cyprus

brown rock formation on sea during daytime
The sandy shores of Petra Tou Romiou beach Image credit: @antoineangoulvant – Unsplash

Cyprus, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is also open for tourism with the same requirements as Greece. Turkish Cyprus, its northern part, has stricter rules, so make sure to plan your trip outside this area. 

On this island, it is always warm enough to enjoy the sea, which makes a visit to Petra Tou Romiou beach perfect for this period. If you are more into culture, Pafos (2017 European Capital of Culture) may be the right place for you instead, with its blend of breathtaking landscapes and archaeological sites. 

4. Saint-Pierre et Michelon

Saint Pierre and Miquelon | AFD - Agence Française de Développement
The colourful buildings of Saint-Pierre et Michelon Image credit: Agence Française de Développement

Saint-Pierre et Michelon is the only French archipelago in North America, right next to Canadian Terranova. It might not be big, nor its weather tropical, but it for sure is a unique destination for travel lovers. Colourful wooden villages, wildlife reserves and whale watching are only some of the hundreds of activities the island has to offer visitors. 

Only a recent negative coronavirus test result and a self-declaration are required on arrival.

5. Gibraltar

green trees covered mountain
One of the main tourist attractions in the country – The Gibraltar Rock Image credit: @miqul – Unsplash

Gibraltar is, right now, the best choice for a weekend abroad. No negative test result is needed to enter this beautiful, small British Overseas Territory, which overlooks both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar is famous for its mountains, so get ready to visit viewpoints, caves and suspension bridges. Even though Gibraltar is often considered to be a “comfort destination” for British citizens, it should not be dismissed. With its official language being English and its currency the Pound, Gibraltar also has a peculiar mix of Spanish, British and Portuguese culture, not to be found anywhere else in the world. 

If you’re still reluctant to travel abroad during these difficult times – don’t worry! – here is a bonus home destination for you.

6. Kyance Cove

Lizard Peninsula: The wild untamed corner of Britain you should visit this  spring
Like going abroad without the price tag (or the travel risks) Image credit: The Telegraph

With its turquoise water, lovely nature and rocky shores, Kynance Cove, in South-West Cornwall, is a top destination in the UK. Even better, you don’t need the Summer weather to enjoy this area at its fullest; in Autumn, it is less crowded and more enjoyable! A full range of outdoor activities are also available during the colder months, such as surfing, hiking and horse riding, as well as the opportunity to have picnics by the sea for the laziest ones.

Written by Jessica Piazzi

Feature image credit: Unsplash

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