Five great places to eat once lockdown is over

We now have an idea of when restaurants might reopen – so which places are we looking forward to eating at first?

One of the hardest things about lockdown as a student is thinking of where you could be under usual circumstances – and what you could be eating while you’re there. There’s no end to amazing restaurants and bars in Notts, meaning we’ll all be spoiled for choice for where to celebrate once we’re all out of this mess. Here are five first-rate eateries to narrow it down to.


Get your pasta fix over at Dolce
Image credit: Tripadvisor

Across from Broadway Cinema (which boasts its own menu of delicious food), Dolce is home to arguably the best pasta in Notts. Their spaghetti carbonara gets our vote, but you really can’t go wrong with anything this lovely ristorante has to offer. Every pasta dish can be downgraded to a light meal to save a couple of quid at lunchtime, and the quiet, dimly-lit setting makes for a relaxing escape from the (usually) busy city life regardless of when you’re visiting.

Red Dog Saloon

Head over to Red Dog Saloon for a mouthwatering menu
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There’s only so much Red Dead Redemption II you can play before you actually want to get out and pretend to be a cowboy…right? If that’s the case, a visit to the Red Dog Saloon does the trick. The authentic interior makes you think a bar fight is going to break out at any second, but luckily everyone is far too busy battling with monstrous dirty burgers, generously-topped fries and bottomless iced tea pitchers, which are reloaded quicker than the fastest gun in the West.


If fish is your thing, Pokéwaves is a must-try!
Image credit: Nottinghamshire Live

No, this one isn’t Pokémon-themed – but it’s a wonderful place to eat nonetheless. Part of the Vic Centre’s Street Food Club, Pokéwaves specialises in Hawaiian poké bowls: raw marinated fish served with sticky rice and fresh veg, a bit like a bowl of sushi. In a Subway-style process, you can pick your ingredients one-by-one or choose from some signature recipes. We recommend the Wasabi Salmon (with pineapple!) as an ideal post-lockdown lunch.

Das Kino

Spice up your night out at Das Kino
Image credit: LeftLion

Meaning “the cinema” in German, this movie-themed bar is a Notts student staple we’re probably all missing right now. The decor is great, from the rustic foyer to the neon-lit ping-pong tables towards the back, but the real pull factor is their excellent selection of pizzas. “Animal Farm” – which is chicken and bacon loaded with spinach, parmesan and pine nuts – gets a solid recommendation, and there are also plenty of meat-free options. They play some bangin’ tunes too, which is always a bonus.

Nan Tei

Try out the newest Japanese restaurant in town
Image credit: Nottinghamshire Live

This is Notts’ latest and greatest hidden gem. Nan Tei, which opened last summer, is like a little pocket of Japan right in the city centre. Their three-course meal of miso soup, a bento box and a mochi ice cream dessert is a wonderful walk through Japanese cuisine, and owner Chi Mok is also happy to drop some insights into the nation’s culture. Remember to keep an eye out for the red paper lantern on Maid Marian Way when restaurants are back open, and you’ll know where to go.

Written by Jamie Morris

Feature image credit: Unsplash

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