Five of the best takeaways in Nottingham

As the country enters its second national lockdown, we have once again said goodbye to the experience of eating at our favourite restaurants. Thanks to the coronavirus, long gone are the days of spontaneously deciding to go out for a meal with friends or even going out anywhere at all. Luckily, according to government guidance, restaurants are allowed to remain open for takeaway only this time around. If you fancy celebrating the new lockdown with takeout, but you can’t decide where to order from, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best takeaways in Nottingham, according to Deliveroo customer reviews. 


POKEWAVES, Nottingham - Updated 2020 Restaurant Reviews, Menu, Prices &  Restaurant Reviews - Food Delivery & Takeaway - Tripadvisor
Could you get a more colourful meal?
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At the top of the list is Pokéwaves, a Japanese-inspired restaurant located on the second floor of the Victoria Centre. Despite what you may be thinking, Pokéwaves is not a Pokémon-themed restaurant – it is actually Nottingham’s first ‘premium poké bar’ serving poké bowls to the masses. Pokéwaves is vegan friendly, and also very kind to student budgets. Their version of a meal deal (Pokéwaves Bundle) starts from £11.65 and includes a base, poke bowl, side dish and a drink! They also sell Açai and smoothie bowls which look incredibly tasty and cost £5.95. 

Twisted Health Kitchen

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The best kind of takeaway is a healthy one.
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If you fancy a takeaway that’s not too unhealthy, the Twisted Health Kitchen may be the perfect option for you. On their Deliveroo page, you’ll find nourish bowls, protein bowls, salad bowls, wraps and burritos at reasonable prices. Although food from the Twisted Health Kitchen may be a little bit pricier than some other establishments, you are assured of getting the best possible fresh fruit and veg with your order. 


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Try something new and order some Portuguese food
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Boavista’s Portuguese menu will definitely bring a bit of culture to your front room. The restaurant, which is located in Basford, has a full range of food and drinks available to order, with most items costing under £5! Boavista is probably the best value restaurant on this list (in our opinion), however, this certainly does not count for the quality of the food. You can also order desserts to go along with your meal, which start from £1.25, and alcoholic beverages to get you through the long lockdown nights.  

Roosters Piri Piri

Roosters Piri Piri delivery from Nottingham City Centre - Order with  Deliveroo
Colourful and delicious food from Roosters Piri Piri.
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If you fancy a Nando’s that isn’t a Nando’s, Roosters Piri Piri is an excellent option. With a great 4.7/5-star rating on Deliveroo, Roosters Piri Piri offers 100% fresh chicken, gourmet beef and also some vegetarian options for any veggies out there. This restaurant also has halal options, including their Angus Burger which is currently available to order for £7.99. 

Shanghai Shanghai

Shanghai Shanghai, Nottingham - View Menu, Reviews, Offers & Book Now
Shanghai Shanghai is one of the top rated Chinese takeaways in Nottingham. Image credit: Go dine

With so much choice on offer in Nottingham, it can be difficult to decide which restaurant to go for when ordering a Chinese. Shanghai Shanghai is currently one of the top-rated Cantonese restaurants in the city, so there’s no need to carry on sifting through reviews! Tucked away down Goose Gate, this restaurant cooks food which is designed to showcase authentic Mainland Chinese flavours, and there are certainly a lot of dishes to choose from!

Written by Jessica Goddard

Feature image credit – Unsplash

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