How to celebrate Valentines Day in lockdown

Valentine’s day is looking a little different this year, and I don’t think many of us were expecting to be spending it in lockdown. Below are some ideas for making the best of the day despite the world’s state right now; feel free to share with your significant other/s to get some ideas!

Have a virtual date

woman in black and white floral dress
Many people will be swapping a physical date for a virtual one this year.
Image credit: @dollargill – Unsplash

This Valentines, more than ever, it’s important to utilise the technology we have available to us to stay connected with our friends and loved ones (not to mention the benefits this has to our mental health). So why not use this to your advantage and have a virtual date?

You could take it as little or as far as you like, whether it’s a takeaway in comfy clothes, or having a home-cooked meal ‘together’ and dressing up in your best clothes to eat. If you are cooking, you could even extend the date to include the cooking if that’s something you enjoy. You don’t even have to eat the same cuisine, so if one of you fancies pizza and the other sweet and sour, you can do that because you’re not in a restaurant! Having a virtual Valentine’s date offers a lot of flexibility, so you can really make it your own.

Use daily exercise to your advantage

woman in black long sleeve shirt and black pants walking on sidewalk during daytime
Get fit with your partner this Valentines Day.
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However, if you’re up for braving the cold weather, you can take advantage of the legally mandated daily exercise and spend this with your partner, whilst social distancing of course.

If you’re into fitness, you could work out together, enjoying the view of your area and going on a run or a jog. Or if you’re less into cardio, you could do a bodyweight workout, or think about what’s around you and use an outdoor gym or playground to keep things interesting. Equally, if you’re not in the mood to exercise but want to get out and about, fill a flask and pack some snacks and go for a walk together.

Celebrate Galentines Day instead

woman putting makeup in front of mirror
Self-care has never been more important.
Image credit: @kxvn_lx – Unsplash

For everyone celebrating Galentines out there, or if you just want to spend some virtual time with your friends, there are options too. You could make it into a self-care evening with facemasks and drinks, or just take some time out of your day to spend time with those close to you.

Although celebrating February 14th is going to be different for most of us this year, the fact that we’re forced to celebrate it virtually means that we have more flexibility in how we do so. Hopefully we can all still make the most of it if we choose to celebrate it.

Written by Tyler Archer

Feature image credit: Unsplash

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