National Kindness Day 2021: how can you participate?

We are living in such strange times right now. You switch on the news and all it shows is illness, vaccines and people struggling to cope. It can leave you feeling defeated, like all the good in the world has simply disappeared. So, what do we need most at the moment? Kindness.

The offer of a helping hand can go such a long way. The 17th of February has been declared ‘Random Act of Kindness Day’ to ensure that we remember even in the trickiest of times to still think of others and how we can help those around us.

Created in 1995, Random Act Of Kindness Day was invented to spread joy all over the world. With the current state of the global pandemic, it is often easy to forget the little things. Many people have reached out to others over the last year, either to express their need for help or to thank those who kindly looked after them throughout these lockdowns. There have been many instances of kindness throughout the last twelve months, such as the couple who hiked for miles to rescue a lost golden retriever in Ireland or those who have made food parcels for people shielding from the virus. These acts are vital to our communities.

You may be wondering how you can safely participate in this cheerful day. How can you offer support whilst being miles away from those you love? Well, we have composed a list of safe ways you can still express your love and kindness to others, with a variety of selfless acts that could really brighten up someone’s day:

Send A Text

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Send a text to let someone know you care.
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This sounds rather simple, but that is quite literally the point. Even the smallest of gestures can leave someone feeling much happier. Whether it be a good morning text wishing them a good day or a goodnight text telling them to sleep well, it will positively impact that person. So, don’t be afraid to reach out and show some kindness, in such an effortless way.

Helping someone with their shopping

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Help someone in need this National Kindness Day.
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 Whilst it’s important to still socially distance from others at the moment, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer to fetch some shopping for those in a vulnerable position. If you happen to be going to the shops, why not ask if you can pick anything up for a friend or a neighbour?

Leave a positive comment

be positive scrabble pieces
Spreading positivity can go a long way.
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I think we are all addicted to our phones at the moment, seeing as they are often our only source of entertainment! So why not leave a positive comment on someone’s post or picture and brighten up their day? A small compliment or praise could boost someone’s happiness along with their confidence!

Buy from a small or local business

white open signage
Small businesses desperately need your support.
Image credit: @timmossholder – Unsplash

Many businesses are struggling due to the never-ending lockdowns and desperately need support from their communities. Why not purchase a small gift or grab a takeaway from a local business, making their day better and gaining a little something for yourself. Small businesses are often the heart of a community, so show them the time and kindness today.

Send a gift to someone you may be missing

green and white tissue box on white table
Everyone loves presents!
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 We are all missing someone at the moment, and sending a small gift could massively cheer them up whether it be a little care package or perhaps the gift you purchased from your local business. I’m sure they will appreciate a little gift of kindness, now more than ever.

Offer to cook this evening

person slicing green vegetable on brown wooden chopping board
Make something delicious for someone you love.
Image credit: @concious_design

Maybe your parents have cooked every meal since lockdown began, or maybe your flatmate is looking a little tired this evening. Why not offer to cook a nice meal for them as your random act of kindness? It doesn’t have to be big, fancy or expensive. Often the classic dishes will go down a treat.

Bake a cake for a friend

chocolate cake
Make someone’s lockdown a little bit sweeter.
Image credit: @davidholifield

Following the theme of cooking, why not try your hand at baking? If you know your friend has a favourite dessert or sweet treat, then this could be a great day to attempt making it for them. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and not everyone is Gordon Ramsey! But your friend will appreciate the effort you have gone to, to show that little bit of extra kindness.

Donate to a charity

person showing both hands with make a change note and coins
Make a donation to charity this National Kindness Day.
Image credit: @kattyukawa – Unsplash

Many charities are struggling with fundraising at the moment, so let’s show them some kindness. Find a charity that you wish to support and donate, or find a friend completing a charity challenge and support them. There are endless ways to donate, and you can massively help those in need.

Go on a walk with someone

street photography of two men walking in front of water fountain
Grab a friend and go for a walk.
Image credit: @jweckschmied

We have all become walking fanatics during these lockdowns, despite the chilling weather! So why not invite a friend, relative or neighbour to join you on your daily walk and have a chat? A conversation, along with the exercise, will leave a big smile on both of your faces. The smallest gestures can go the longest way, and a walk is certainly one of them.

We never need an excuse to be kind to others, but on Random Act Of Kindness Day, we should seize the opportunity more than ever. So today, think about how you can put a smile on someone else’s face. It could be more important and helpful than ever.

Written by Sian Hills

Featured image credit: Fashion Magazine

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