Nottingham students’ best and worst moments of the first semester

The first term of University has been, to put it simply, a struggle.

Many of us have had to tackle self-isolation, remote teaching, Tier 3 and national lockdown whilst trying to get a University degree.

The term has involved a mass change to what we’re used to when coming to University. It is an entirely different style of learning, and we have all had to adapt in one way or another.

Here are the thoughts and feelings of other University students on what their highs and lows were of the first term.

Courtney McLaven – 22, MA News Journalism, NTU

My best moment of the term was moving to a new city and meeting new people. It was quite daunting at first, but I’ve made so many good friends on my course, so I’m having a really good time.

My worst moment was being in lockdown and unable to socialise. I stayed in Nottingham for it which helped me focus on work but was a very different Uni experience than what I expected.

Javiera Altamirano 21, Undergraduate Law, NTU

My best moments were being able to see my friends again and enjoy some events even if they were socially distanced

The worst was having to leave my friends behind in Nottingham as I lost my job due to COVID, so I had to move home as I was unable to carry on supporting myself financially.

Cara Walters 21, Linguistics and Communication Undergraduate, NTU

My best moment was living in the city centre of Nottingham pre-lockdown as everywhere was so conveniently close and easy to get to.

My lowlight was having to isolate and being stripped of the social aspect of uni, which was challenging, especially when it came to group tasks and seeing friends.

Phoebe Hall 21, Modern European Studies Undergraduate, UoN

My best moment was when we were all back in Nottingham for the first time in September, and we all went for cocktails. It was nice to finally be able to see my friends again and go out in Nottingham again as it felt very nostalgic.

My worst moment was when I left the coursework till last minute and spent 26 straight hours doing it.

Callum Parke, 22, MA News Journalism, NTU

My best moment was going to Southbank bar with my course mates as it was a great laugh and started my friendships with everyone on the course.

My worst moment was probably the second lockdown being declared. I had worked hard to get back to full match fitness and was enjoying the session starting again, as it gave me a sense of normality, and it’s something I love doing. It was frustrating to have it back for a month or two and then have it taken away again.

Tom Herbert, 21, MA Politics & Contemporary History, UoN

My best moment was going viral on Tiktok and the song from my band being top 3 in TikTok charts.

The worst was definitely getting corona, and I still can’t taste tea, just tasted grey. I felt like a sleepy sloth.

It seems everyone feels the same about their first term as they miss socialising and have all been personally affected by the pandemic.

For me, the first term has been a learning curve.

I’ve met so many great people, and I’m doing a course I love. It was hard at first to get into the flow of half face-to-face teaching and half online, but now I don’t mind it; if anything, I prefer the balance of both.

I struggle to think how this year would be without the pandemic, but I’m optimistic that normality will make a return soon enough.

Written by Ellie Danemann

Feature image credit: Unsplash

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