Top fourteen summer 2021 essentials

After last summer was more or less cancelled due to Covid-19, summer 2021 is going to be unforgettable. If not delayed, then June 21 marks the day that all lockdown restrictions end, meaning that this summer we have a lot to look forward to. 

’Normal’ summer feels like it was ages ago, so why not treat yourself and discover some of the must-have items you need for this season? Here is a list of the top 14 essentials bound to make this summer one you’ll remember…

1. Tinted sunscreen 

It cannot be stressed enough how important sunscreen is for your skin. However, to avoid the pasty complexion normal SPF gives, this season’s beauty product is definitely a tinted sunscreen. 

Not only does it protect your skin from the sun, but it also gives some coverage. There’s many to choose from, but this one by Avene has a student-friendly price and is of good quality: 

2. Self-tanning drops 

If you don’t want to look pale during the summer, but do not want to harm your skin with sun or tanning booths, you should look into self-tanners. Good quality products can give you very natural-looking, gorgeous, tanned skin. 

These Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops have got a lot of positive reviews from people – they’re cheap, easy to apply for beginners, and can be used on your face as well as your body. Plus, they’re vegan and nourishing for your skin: 

3. Oversized sunnies 

Adding a pair of oversized sunglasses to your outfit makes it instantly look more chic. Whether you’re wearing something casual, or going full out with a glam look, a nice pair of shades is an essential summertime accessory. They also give you confidence on those no-makeup days, which hopefully we’ll be having a lot of this summer!

These shades from ASOS are only £8.99 and are bound to make any outfit you chose to wear this summer more stylish: 

4. A pretty face mask 

Want to look cute, but your mask ruins the outfit? Get some pretty ones! Whether you are into florals or pastels, polka-dots or stripes, buying a mask to match your summer fits is a great way to keep both beauty and safety in balance! 

For just over £6, this pack-of-three face masks is an absolute bargain, and perfect for summer: 

5. Keychain sanitiser 

On the topic of keeping safe, hand sanitiser is a must – especially when you love to have picnics in parks or outdoor areas where dispensers are not located at every corner. 

These refillable sanitiser keychains are perfect to clip to your bag or keys, so you won’t forget to bring hand disinfectant for when you’re out and about. Plus, they look super classy: 

6. Disposable camera for capturing memories 

Talking about making this summer unforgettable, the best way to do it is to capture all of those fun memories on film. Taking pictures on a disposable camera makes them even more special because you can’t take a million pictures just to make sure you look good. It’s all about being in the moment and it’s so exciting to finally get your pictures after the film is developed. 

As polaroid cameras can be quite expensive, disposable ones are perfect for when you’re trying to keep within your budget. This Kodak disposable is available to buy on Amazon as well as in some large supermarkets: 

7. Beach wave spray 

Beach waves look so natural and effortless. This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday summer look and can be achieved quickly with a little help from a styling salt spray. 

You’ll be looking like a beach babe who just stepped out of the ocean with a quick spritz of this hair product: 

8. Round beach towel 

Let’s get ready for those long days spent on the beach with your besties, with a large round beach blanket that you can all fit on. Or, for days where you want to lay back and catch a few rays, simply grab it for yourself and enjoy all that space! After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to fit yourself on a tiny towel and then having your hair and mouth full of sand. 

This microfibre beach towel from Amazon comes in a variety of different colours and patterns and has plenty of space for you and your friends: 

9. Portable speaker 

Those beach days and picnic dates are not right without blasting your favourite tunes. A portable speaker that is small enough you can take it with you anywhere is definitely worth the money. 

There are reasonably priced options that you can choose from – for example this JBL Go2 is super tiny, but has good quality sound and won’t break the bank: 

10. Hair claw clip 

Hair clips are so in right now, but they’re also handy during the summer when it’s so hot that you don’t want your hair falling on your shoulders. When you’re having a bad hair day, you can put it up with a hair claw and make it look really cute. You can also play with different coloured clips to match them to your outfits. 

11. Biker shorts 

Biker shorts are a very useful item to have in your wardrobe during summer. They’re something that you can style in so many ways and you can dress them up or down depending on what you have planned for the day. They’re also great for when it’s hot outside, but you don’t want to wear something too revealing. 

12. Bucket hat 

Wearing a hat is very important to protect your head from the intense sun. Why not incorporate a cute bucket hat into your summer wardrobe – it’s another simple hack to spice up your outfits instantly. You can go casual with a basic monochrome one, or make a statement with a bolder bucket hat like this one from Levi’s: 

13. Cute indie accessories 

Those unique and handmade indie or boho accessories are something you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest and Tiktok. They’re super colourful and fun, and bring back memories of those make-your-own jewellery sets you probably had when you were younger. 

You can find a lot of different vintage or handmade options on Etsy, where you can also support small businesses and people, who craft them with love. This rainbow seed bead necklace is the perfect accessory to add to your collection this summer: 

14. Knitted co-ord 

Crochet knitted clothes are so cute and summery. A pretty knitted co-ord would be perfect to wear to the beach, festivals and all kinds of summer outings. 

It’s something that is easy just to throw on, but it’ll look like you’ve really made an effort.


By Kirke Viira

Featured image: Unsplash

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