Bonnington Gallery to host NTU student film event ‘The Night of the Red Herring’

On April 11 in Bonnington Gallery, a student film group is hosting a showing of a non-profit film event called “The Night of the Red Herring”.

Starting at 6:30, the NTU-based film company called ‘Reel ‘Em In’ is inviting all crime-thriller lovers to attend Bonnington Theatre to immerse themselves in a mystery-packed screening.

The broad selection of short films features more traditional and experimental film styles, with interactive mysteries on the night designed to appeal to those of a curious nature.

The event lasts two hours in total showing around nine short films, ranging from around 2-13 minutes with an interval in the middle.
Largely focusing on the crime and mystery genre there should be something for everyone with themes of some having a more sombre feel with a silent noir style, western, animated and more comedic in attitude.
There will be an optional, interactive murder mystery running alongside to solve the murder of ‘Al Scapone’, a gang boss murdered in his own private office by one of his people using suspect information, a crime scene board and physical evidence.
In promotion of the event, a series of riddles have been released which can be solved here. 

To see more information see the links below:

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