Leaves Are Falling, Songs Are Playin’: My Top Tunes To Get You Through Autumn

A lover of pretty much any music, here are my top 5 autumnal treats for your ears.

The autumnal vibes have crept up on us at quite some speed this year, with the weather turning very cold (personally, though, I’m loving it).

While autumn may lack the summery aroma and ice creams, it has its own things going on.

It’s a time to get all nostalgic and reminisce, a time to cosy up in a blanket with a hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows of course), go on long windy walks with friends and family and appreciate the nature around us before the leaves all fall down in preparation for the wintery months.

If you are finding the transition hard, an autumn revamped playlist may do the trick! Every season deserves a killer soundtrack, so without further ado, here are my top tracks:


Flicker – Niall Horan: An oldie (but a goldie) this track is my favourite Niall Horan song of all time; and my top autumnal tune. The title song for Horan’s first solo album, Flicker, represents a sense of hope and calmness to me. The lyrics ‘There’s a light in the dark, Still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me, That I wanna keep, Please don’t leave…’, make me feel like autumn is a safe space to relax and recharge. I find that playing any of Horan’s songs sets me up for a good day.


This is what autumn feels like – JVKE: Stating the obvious, this has to be in my top 3 tracks this autumn. Released just over a month ago, the song follows a heartbreak story and fundamentally a change in environment. Even though the lyrics are quite sombre, for example ‘like the leaves in the autumn breeze, it’s ironic the way you leave..’, I get an overwhelming sense of change, and that’s what autumn is all about! Personally, I love the piano accompaniment, which JVKE is renowned for. This also features in more of his tracks including ‘Golden Hour’ and ‘this is what heartbreak feels like’.


A Little Good Left – Lily Williams: Having found Williams through TikTok by accident just over a year ago, I straight away fell in love with her music. Signing to a record label over 6 months ago, Williams released her first album ‘How The Story Ends’ in March. One of the tracks on the album, ‘A Little Good Left’, highlights the good we had left during the pandemic. Listening to it a few times, I did see the link, but I actually think it’s a very autumnal song. The opening lyrics ‘there’s still coffee on Sunday mornings, there’s still falling asleep to rain’ remind me so much of autumn and I have just been listening to it on repeat this month.


Just Another Thing We Don’t Talk About – Tom Odell: Surprise, surprise, another piano tune (just can’t get enough of them!). When reading the title of the song, you may think this song sounds quite depressing, but I genuinely love this track and have had it playing in the background while studying. The lyrics that really jump out to me are ‘the chilli’s on the stove, shall we have a beer? Shall I tell a joke?’. I can just imagine a group of friends eating all together with candles lit laughing and talking about everything and anything and the wind blowing outside; it just screams autumn!


Autumn Variations – Ed Sheeran: Although this is an album, I think it is definitely worth mentioning. Following the release of Subtract in May, Sheeran released Autumn Variations just a few weeks ago. His seventh studio album, this is his first independent release through Gingerbread Man Records, his record company. Notable tracks include ‘Blue’, a slow-paced acoustic, floaty song and ‘That’s On Me’ a more upbeat song including lyrics like ‘this is a bump in the ride, and I know it’ll be alright’, which for me highlights weirdly the change between summer and autumn, almost like a reassurance.


If you would like to add these to your autumn playlists, they are all available to stream on Spotify. Happy listening!

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