Let’s go Italy: A student travel guide to Milan

Visiting Milan on a budget does not sound like an easy task. The city is well-known for its luxurious shops and posh nightlife. However, there are still plenty of ways to save on fashion, art, food and transport in this Italian cosmopolitan city. 

Here are a few tips to make your visit to Milan as student-friendly as possible:

1.  Finding a hotel in Milan

Yes, Milan can be very expensive, but if you know where to look, the city offers a lot of cheap hotels. Milan is a great university city so the majority of affordable hostels and hotels are centred around the Città Studi neighbourhood, known for its family-run hotels. The area offers also plenty of cafes and bars for a great night out. 

Planning the time of the year is also good for budgeting. Try to avoid late September, during the fashion week, when hotel prices are sky-high.

2. Budgeting tips 

Buy a “blocchetto” – Tram, metro and bus tickets cost around 2 euros for a single ride, so it is a good idea to get hold of a ten-pack which costs 13,80 euros and you can use it in all forms of transport. BikeMi! Is also a very good way of visiting the city. The Milan bike-sharing system has a reasonable daily subscription and it offers hundreds of stations in the city centre area.

Visit some cute flea markets – There are many markets in Milan. The most famous is the Fiera di Senigaglia, where you can find cheap jewellery, leather goods, books, clothes and much more. 

Stock up on stuzzichini – the Italian (and very Milanese) version of “happy hour” is called aperitivo, which comes with a fair share of good food. Order a drink at a bar around 6 or 7 p.m. on most nights and you will get plenty of free stuzzichini like olives, cheese, pasta dishes, pizza, frittata and much more. These light meals are pretty affordable, as well as being absolutely delicious! The aperitivo options are endless, but I suggest visiting Brera neighbourhood, the artsy, bohemian district which is super student-friendly. 

3. Nightlife of Milan

Last but not least, you cannot miss the nightlife of Milan. Bars and clubs are mostly open all week but the best time is from Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday is a big student night, and you can get special discounts if you show your ID cards. Usually, a drink costs between seven and 10 euros (around 6-7 pounds) but you can get free drinks with an entry ticket.  

If you are looking for a super affordable night, you can visit local social centres which offer live concerts, music and dance at a much lower cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your next trip to Milan and discover this amazing city. 


By Irene Bisoni

Featured image: Unsplash

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