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Tom Walker at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Live Review: Tom Walker befriends Nottingham

Mid-March, Tom Walker wowed crowds in Nottingham, not only with his beautiful gravel-like voice, but with his warm, vibrant persona. This was epitomized not only on-stage, but in his pre-concert …

Culture and Entertainment

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midnight sun, platform magazine

Midnight Sun: Review

Midnight Sun, directed by Scott Speer, adapted from the screenplay of 2006 Japanese film of the same name, is an emotional rollercoaster that tugs at the audience’s heartstrings from beginning …

Blockers: Review

The Shape of Water: Review

Fashion and Beauty

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platform magazine, t-shirts

5 ways to style an oversized T-shirt

Printed Tees are all the rage right now, from empowering slogans to a watermelon symbol in the top corner. Many of us can relate to buying an item because it …

A look back at London Fashion Week 2018

Travel and Lifestyle

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budapest, travel, guide

Student guide to… Budapest!

The end of first term is fast approaching, but don’t let the fear of your overdraft keep you from fulfilling that desire to book an impulsive getaway. We all need …

Student travel guide to… Paris!