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Album Review: ‘Good at Falling’ by The Japanese House

Good at Falling’ is the long-awaited debut album from the Buckinghamshire native, singer-songwriter Amber Bain AKA The Japanese House.

With this album, Amber shares her most vulnerable self to the world with some guidance and input from her pals, The 1975. ‘Good at Falling’ intertwines offerings coated in dream-pop, indie-pop and all the goodness in-between. Sounds which we are all too familiar with The 1975, with the added bonus of her lyricism which her fans have all been accustomed to from her four EP releases, leading up to this point.

The record is a mix of highs and lows, the intro ‘Went to Meet Her’ is an eerie opener with pulsating lyrics. ‘Maybe You’re the Reason’ and ‘You Seemed so Happy’ follow a philosophical number with the latter, a buoyant uplifting synth anthem complemented beautifully with harsh basslines and sultry vocals. These tracks are a welcome surprise and bring a different side of Amber. ‘Follow My Girl’ details the turbulence of seeking divine direction at a young age.

Marking halfway on the record is ‘Somethingfartoodgoodtofeel’ the most poignant track on the record, a song with a mix of mellow synths and swirling drums complimenting together for perfect atmospheric changes, giving the opportunity to ponder the songs so far.

The hit single ‘Lilo’, written in reflection of her most recent relationship is layered in warm, calming synths, ample percussion with every element fused perfectly together creating a song that ultimately floats in our minds and can perfectly be drive home at night too. ‘Lilo’ accompanied by a video, is a run-through if her broken relationship starring ex-girlfriend Marika Hackman. A well taught out creative visual which might leave a tear in your eyes.

With ‘Good at Falling’ Amber Bain has created a record that offers cohesive, smartly thought-out pop record infused in honesty, that push off modern boundaries about love and loss, which set a precedent for great work to follow. 

You can listen to ‘Good at Falling’ here.

By Abz Babatunde

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