Nottingham Trent Netball score a place in The Cup semi-finals

It was a quiet week for NTU netball, with just two teams playing – but this was no means less exciting. With the end of the season fast approaching, BUCs league took the back bench and was replaced with The Cup quarter-finals.

Trent’s second and third couldn’t play this week as they were knocked out earlier in the season leaving all the action to ones and fours.

Fourth team:

They travelled to Oxford University, where they came up against a very strong team. It was made clear in the first quarter that both teams were in running for the win.

Each took goals from their own centre making the game neck and neck for most of the first quarter, however, to Oxford’s dismay Trent manage to pull ahead by two goals, making the score 14 – 12 to Trent.

Intensity was high during that second quarter as both teams were battling for the win, however the lead that Trent gained in the first quarter gave them the edge, and at half time the score was 19 – 22 to the girls in pink.

The third quarter didn’t look so hopeful for Trent as disaster struck for GD Georgia Moan, as she fell down after trying for an interception and badly hurt her foot. She had to be taken off and the girls feared the worst. This played with their heads and resulted in Oxford taking the lead.

After a frank team talk from Captain and GK, Hollie Lambert, the girls walked on the court for the last quarter feeling driven and refocused. Their determination paid off and Trent were able to celebrate a well-deserved win, 45-38 to Trent.

Their semi-final opponent will either be the University of Derby or East Anglia.

“It was an amazing and incredibly intense game throughout. We went down by two points at one point but pulled through and absolutely smashed it.” Hollie Lambert, Fourth team captain

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NTU’s Netball fourth team. Photo credit: NTU Netball

First team: 

Ones travelled across the country to Birmingham for their next round in the cup where they also found a fighting opposition. However, they smashed it just like every other game so far in The Cup.

The girls came away with a 47-36 win with outstanding play from scholar Zoe Matthew, who was rewarded with player of the match.

“We were tested throughout the game by the Birmingham team but our fitness and strong mind set prevailed which gave us the win.” Anna Lewis, First team wing attack.

The ladies in pink will be travelling to Newcastle in a few weeks where they will battle in the semi-finals to ensure they get a spot in the finals.

By Esther Roberts

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