Check out these 10 must watch Netflix documentaries

Written by Lorna McDonald

The clocks are about to go back giving us darker, cozier nights which means you have more time to settle back and get stuck into a documentary.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.

We have made a list of 10 Netflix documentaries new and old that you may have missed in your endless scroll to find something to watch.

1. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (2022)

This is a good watch if you are interested in religious cult groups and what goes on behind closed doors. Keep Sweet is a four-part docu-series following the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints surrounding the corruption of it’s current leader Warren S. Jeffs. It’s a very in-depth, emotional, and thought-provoking series which gives you that pit in your stomach feeling.

2. Take Care of Maya (2023)

If you like the Gypsy Rose Blanchard story, then you’ll definitely enjoy Take Care of Maya. Without spoiling too much , the documentary does showcase a different side of Munchausen syndrome by proxy following 10-year-old Maya Kowalski’s rare illness and her relationship with her mother. The documentary uses a lot of home video footage and by the end brings you to present day with interviews from Maya herself and the rest of the family. The rawness of this nearly two-hour documentary is really heartbreaking at times allowing you to feel the trauma of the nightmare the family experiences.

3. How To Build a Sex Room (18+ warning) (2022)

The title might have put you off watching this docu-series but it’s surprisingly quite a funny and educational watch. The eight episodes are hosted by interior designer Melanie Rose who tailors each room design to each couple to suit their needs. Some episodes include innocent and relaxing designs helping parents or busy couples with intimacy whereas other designs are a bit raunchier. Melanie is a confident and amusing host who really knows how to get the couples out of their shell and teach them all things sex and watching it you might learn a thing or two!

4. Inside the Mind (2021)

This is a two-part documentary with psychiatrist Dr. Bob Johnson deep diving into exactly who where Freddie Mercury and Micheal Jackson. Episode one focuses on legend Freddie Mercury, building a picture of who he was, analysing his theatrical yet shy persona and inside his hectic inner life few people got to see. Episode two attempts to answer the unanswered questions surrounding Micheal Jackson’s life, why he made the choices he did in his career and personal relationships alongside the impact of the consequences on him. If you are a fan of either of them this would definitely be a insightful watch.

5. Born in Gaza (2014)

With the current conflict surrounding Israel and Palestine having a huge impact on the people of Gaza, this 2014 documentary is a small insight into it’s history. It was filmed shortly after the 2014 Gaza war and focuses on how the violence impacted the lives of 10 Palestinian children. The children show what their daily life due to the impact of the war in 2014 and watching it in present day gives you an insight in the history between these countries and how much it has impacted their lives even before what’s been happening this year.

6. Beckham (2023)

You may have seen clips of the Beckham documentary on TikTok but is it really worth the watch? The four-part series follows David Beckham’s football career from start to finish and his rise to fame. It isn’t just about football however with frequent cameos from Victoria Beckham, Gary Neville, and Peter Hooks. A big part of the documentary is about posh and becks relationship as well as Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham’s father son bond and its breakdown. This documentary has been applauded for being a quick watch with fun, gossipy and blunt interviewers allowing non-football fans to even enjoy.

7. The Devil on Trial (2023)

Horror and true crime fans this documentary is calling your name! The Devil on Trail follows a real-life story where demonic possession is used for the first and last time as a defence in a US murder trial. The real-life case involved defendant Arne Cheyenne Johnson who denied killing his landlord using claims of possession. The documentary lets you listen to the home-made recordings of the young boy during the alleged possessed by the devil and is accompanied by reenactments of the case. A classic Netflix true crime documentary to definitely add to your spooky list.

8. Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul (2023)

Originally a book Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul has been adapted into a Neflix documentary surrounding how the brand Juul was set out to make cigarettes obsolete with their electronic alternative but instead has encouraged countless teenagers to be addicted to nicotine. The series follows how the brand’s sleek design, vibrant ads and tasty flavours have drawn so many kids to start vaping and how controversies and health crisis’s have impacted the brand.

9. Who Killed Jill Dando (2023)

This three-part docu-series showcases one of the most unexpected and unsolved high-profile murders. In April 1999 Jill Dando, a television journalist was shot in the head at her front door and the assailant has never been found. Everything about this case is rare and tricky with such a lack of evidence its not a surprise Jill’s brother has backed this documentary. It examines exactly what happened, the media attention the case got and how it shaped the story at the time and the last episode follows the arrest and conviction of Barry George sparking a debate which continues to this day.

10. Last Stop Larrimah (2023)

New this week, this docuseries follows the real-life disappearance of a resident in Larrimah, Northern Territory, Australia with the 11 other residents becoming suspects. The documentary explains who Paddy Moriarty is and the circumstances of his disappearance with many petty rivalries with his small group of residents coming to light. The dynamics of the small town are interesting with some impossible to explain rumours floating around about Paddy’s disappearance. You’ll have to watch it too find out more!

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