Spook Up Your Week The Right Way

With the haphazard jungle of fairy lights and hollow looking structure of the ice rink, Old Market Square is in a weird liminal space between the looming of Halloween and yet to be festivity of Christmas.

Yes, it is still October – the nights are drawing nearer and it’s not just skeletons crawling out of the closet. Calling all ghouls, witches, and monster mashers: it’s spooky season, baby!

If you’re already feeling the winter ‘boos’ this week, we’ve compiled a handy list of things to do in Nottingham now that you’re away from your native trick-or-treating streets.


Pumpkin Picking

If you’ve invested in an academic bus pass this year, get the most out of your money and take a trip to the sprawling Nottinghamshire countryside before the stormy weather settles in. Open until October 31st, this family-run ‘Pick Your Own’ has thousands of pumpkins and squashes to choose from, all the more reason to fill your camera roll up with plenty of photo opportunities on offer.

O ye budgeting students, did we mention it was free?


Ghost Hunting

Fancy a drink at the pub with your mates? Leave them behind and drink with the ghosts instead! Starting at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalum, The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk is a storytelling tour around the Castle Quarter of the city, featuring tales of the Human Pin Cushion, the Baby in the Wall, and the Haunting Highwayman.

If you’ve just moved to the city as a student, make sure you get to know your living and dead residents equally.


Outdoor Cinema Wrap up warm and cozy on down to Wollaton Park for their eerie Outdoor Cinema experience.

Showcasing the likes of Hocus Pocus, Scream, and The Lost Boys over the weekend, you’re encouraged to bring your own food and drinks – we couldn’t think of any other way to spend the night under the stars.

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