Game Review: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

After years of delay, the latest LEGO Star Wars game has finally arrived. Gamers will be delighted to find that their patience has been rewarded for the delay, and that the game contains hours of fun. 

Recent LEGO games have come with open world free roam, and The Skywalker Saga is no different. Featuring an expansive world with many planets and space, exploration is an integral part of the game. These areas are densely packed with side quests and puzzles to do, and a high attention to detail.

From the bustling city heights of Coruscant or Bespin, to the sandy deserts of Tatooine and Geonosis, the worlds feel not only alive with the presence of people but also in keeping with the Star Wars Canon. The Skywalker Saga captures both the hugeness of modern day open worlds but also their detail. There is a degree of integration with the story missions, but this could be improved, especially in space battles. 

The level design in this game is quite enjoyable, but disappointingly short in places. Moments that the Complete Saga did not cover from the original six films are added in, giving audiences a fresh take on the same film. The new levels from episode eight and nine are also quite fun to play. However, the levels are short, and key story beats are missed. Due to these two weaknesses, it is easy to see the focus was making the open world. This is ultimately disappointing, as it is the allure of playing the films in a lego format that drives audiences to these games, not the open world. 

One thing that has been briefly mentioned but should be expanded on is the game’s detail. Graphically, this game is a significant improvement over past LEGO Star Wars games, with more clearly detailed characters and ship designs.


However, it is the knowledge of Star Wars that LEGO demonstrates of the Star Wars lore that is most impressive. Not only is it present in the open world design but everywhere in the game, from the character and ship descriptions, but also in its many challenges, both in and out the levels. LEGO have gone out of their way to honour as much of the franchise as they could, with many surprising inclusions that reward the most passionate of fans. 

Another place where this is apparent is through the humour. The world is dripping with humour and charm, which players will experience no matter where they go. This is where the game shines the most, again showing a deep knowledge of what Star Wars fans find funny about the films. They are hilarious for the most part.

The Skywalker Saga has some much developed systems over its predecessor.  There is a tighter third person perspective, rather than the overhead look of the original. This gives the player a much closer view to the action, making them feel more involved. There is now a combo system, and a player has more options for approaching combat encounters. Stealth is an option in some sections, though it is limited. The puzzles are also more complex, with some being genuine head-scratchers. 

Unfortunately, there is a sour note to end on. There are some bugs in this game, largely visual, but some game-breaking. After the long delays to this game, it is a shame to see there.

Overall, this game is a true successor to The Complete Saga, improving on many elements. The nostalgia is strong with this game, but it works in its favour. Whilst there are some minor issues with the level design and bugs, overall the game is a success. The wait has truly been worth it,.

By Kieran Burt

Feature image: LEGO/LucasFilm/Disney/

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