NTU student launches petition following Rock City assault

A Nottingham Trent University student has launched a petition after receiving “shocking treatment” from Rock City staff.

Abi Dorling, a first-year Animal Science student at NTU, went to the popular venue with her boyfriend and group of friends on March 17.

However, a fun night out quickly turned into a “traumatic experience”, as a fight started next to the student between two other revellers.

Abi said: “The guy furthest away went to headbutt the guy that was stood in front of me and I basically caught his head bashing into mine.

“Then blood instantly started pouring out my nose and my mouth.”

The unfortunate incident took place on Thursday, March 17 (Credits: Abi Dorling)

Following the incident, the 20-year-old posted a TikTok about it, which made her start the petition.

It has now been signed by almost 200 people.

The student said she is also planning to send a letter to Nadia Whittome, MP for Nottingham East, hoping to “put some better plans in place to protect women on nights out.”

Abi said: “I wasn’t going to do anything about it but then I got hundreds of people commenting on my TikTok saying they’ve been through the same thing.

“It made me feel like I have a duty to stand up for not only myself but the other victims as well.

“It’s just not normal having to worry about what club you go to for the least chance of getting assaulted.”

According to the student, she had to stand in front of the club for 30 minutes “with blood all over my face”.

The girl was then taken into a room inside the venue and eventually sent home.

Abi said the incident has “ruined her uni experience”, as she has not been able to go out since, fearing that a similar experience might occur.

Rock City told Nottinghamshire Live: “The welfare of our customers is something we take very seriously, and we work hard to ensure people have a good time when they come through our doors.

“Our main priority as a venue is to try our hardest to ensure everyone has the best experience possible, and this can only be achieved when everyone feels safe.

“She [Abi] was immediately attended to by our staff, our Club Crew and subsequently by our medic in our dedicated first aid room who was satisfied she didn’t require any medical treatment.

“We would stress we have trained staff and procedures in place for all types of incidents, which were properly followed in this case.

“Our security team also ensured the two men involved were detained until police arrived, with one arrest being made.”

The petition can be signed here.

Lead image: Rucsandra Moldoveanu

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