How you can support Nottingham’s LeftLion Magazine

COVID-19 has took a toll on the arts industry as funding has been restricted and places have started to suffer. LeftLion, Nottingham’s free culture and entertainment magazine, has also been struck by the pandemic.

For the past 17 years, LeftLion has provided residents in Nottingham with the lowdown on what is going on in the city in terms of the culture and entertainment scene. It was first set up as a website in 2003 by three friends: Jared Wilson, Alan Gilby and Tim Bates.

Only a year later, the first print edition was published as a bi-monthly magazine from 2004 to 2014. After 2014, a crowdfunding campaign resulted in the magazine being published on a monthly basis.

The magazine not only includes content from voluntary contributors – including some of us here at Platform – but they have also seen well-known figures including actor Paul Kaye and Miles Hunt – lead singer of The Wonder Stuff.

As you may have seen in the news, arts and culture has been a serious sufferer of the pandemic. Just recently, it was announced that Phantom of the Opera in the West End would be closing after 34 years. This means, if some of our favourite venues are losing out, this means Left Lion are also losing out.

LeftLion is run by a small dedicated team, including writers, designers and creative spirits who live in Nottingham. They dedicate themselves to promoting the talented individuals and groups that are hidden within this great city.

This is why the magazine has set up their own Patreon page, with a new membership scheme that has been set up where readers can subscribe to the magazine and receive exclusive content. Then, with the money raised LeftLion, will be able to continue and publish their monthly magazine and promote the future of the Nottingham entertainment scene.

For anyone in the culture and entertainment scene, this is one of the hardest times the field has seen in a long time and it is a time where people need to pull together to save it. If you want to be involved and help then here’s how you can.

For £2 a month:

  • Receive a digital copy of the magazine before it is available in town or on the website
  • Exclusive pateron-only content every month

For £5 a month:

  • Have your name printed in each issue (or the name of a loved one, your band, your small business etc)
  • Including everything available for £2 a month

For £10 a month:

  • Printed copy with your name in it delivered to your door each month
  • Limited A4 art print of the cover each month
  • At least one free gift each year
  • Including everything in the £5 tier

LeftLion will continue to offer free access through the magazine and website, however if you want more exclusive content and for the magazine to continue to provide us with this content, then sign up and become a patreon!

For more information of Left Lion, visit their website.

By Katie Green

Feature image: LeftLion

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