Grassroots activist group Next Gen Movement looking for support to fund youth workshops

A Nottingham-based anti-racism activist group has started their first online community fundraiser. 

Next Generation Movement (NGM) is a self-described “millennial-driven movement” aiming to empower young people to stand up to racism and inequality. 

NGM was officially founded following the Nottingham Black Lives Matter protest the group arranged on June 7. It has begun to work on plans to implement anti-racism projects in the local community, but is calling for financial support.

The group intends to start by hosting workshops for 8 to 18-year-olds to help them on their career paths and instil a “positive focus” from a young age. 

These sessions will revolve around core values which NGM calls “the 4 E’s”: Employment, Engagement, Education and Empowerment. 

This covers adaptable skills such as video editing and social media marketing, but also sport workshops and tutorials for styling black women’s hair. 

“This is a small fraction of projects we have on implementing real change,” NGM said in a statement on its new GoFundMe page on 21 July.

“Whatever you are able to donate will mean the world to us and we hope you will be a part of this big change to come. It’s a movement, not a moment.”

The group has a target of £10,000 and says proceedings will be put towards running these workshops, including hiring venues and guest speakers, as well as providing refreshments. They are also looking for volunteers to help with other upcoming projects.

Regarding future plans, NGM said: “We are working with Nathaniel, who runs Nottingham Street Food, to help somebody who has recently left the prison system to start their own food business as we understand a lot of black males that leave the system do not get the help they need in order to reform.”

“We are also going to be running ‘Black History Week’ in October in schools across Nottingham, which we will be focusing on Black British History, Black Businesses and Black Culture.

“This will involve having Nottingham-based guest speakers who will inspire the youth but also give them knowledge on Black History that doesn’t involve slavery.”

You can support NGM by donating here and find out more when their official website launches on 31 July.

By Jamie Morris

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