Love Island week eight recap: The final days

Love Island has come to its conclusion – here’s the final summary of what happened during week eight!

Monday, July 22

To begin this episode, Jordan & Anna had another discussion as to how they ended up in the bottom three couples and whether there was something about them that the public didn’t like. We also saw the first and last date between Chris & Harley, where they made bread and discussed whether things would last outside of the villa.

Later on, we saw the guys and girls play a game of ‘Sidebar of Shame’ where statements from the public were shown. If they believed it was about a particular person, they had to throw a drink on them. We found out people believed Molly-Mae was faking her love with Tommy, and Anton’s best friend didn’t approve of Belle. Belle wanted to know who he thought would have said that about her, so of course she spoke to Anton about that.

Tuesday, July 23

Anton admitted that he didn’t know which of his friends would have made that comment about Belle, but that she hasn’t got anything to worry about as none of his friends know her personally like he does.

Jordan revealed to Curtis that he may have been a bit too fast to want Anna to be his girlfriend, as he felt himself drifting towards India, who was currently coupled up with Ovie. Curtis gave him the advice to go and talk to her and explain to her how he felt rather than keeping it to himself.

Anna and the girls were all speaking about how Jordan had been spending more time with India than her, so she had a lot of doubts about their relationship. It was Curtis who decided to cause drama once again by telling Maura about the situation, attempting to explain that Jordan wanted to get to know India better – but Maura couldn’t believe what she’d just heard, and went to tell Anna immediately.

By now, Jordan was sitting by the pool with India, and Anna stormed over to him and started raging at him. In all honesty, I do believe Jordan was just trying to have an innocent chat, but because he had clearly been ignoring Anna for the past 48 hours, it looked a little suspicious.

Wednesday, July 24

Jordan & Anna had a discussion on the previous night’s events, with her saying that he’s not a real man and that she has had enough. Curtis also told the boys that it was his idea for Jordan to go and speak to India. Greg confronted him and asked why he gave that advice without letting Anna know beforehand. Amber and the other girls were also discussing Curtis’ advice for Jordan and that it was “out of character” for him to give such bad advice.

After a babysitting challenge and a party, Anna spoke with Curtis and said that he didn’t seem as genuine as he made out to be. She also fully ended her relationship with Jordan, making them as an easy target to be voted out by the public. Curtis & Maura, Chris & Harley and Jordan & Anna were in the bottom three, leaving only Curtis & Maura remaining in the villa.

Thursday, July 25

During this episode we saw Greg, Curtis and Ovie take their other halves on a date. Greg & Amber had a romantic view from their boat, Curtis & Maura had a beautiful harp and meal for two, and Ovie & India were surrounded by fire and candles.

India teased Ovie by joking that she wasn’t there for the 6 ft 7 in, she was only there for the £50k. We also found out that Belle and India enjoyed watching Anton working out at the gym – not particularly important, but definitely something interesting to watch.

Friday, July 26

In this episode we saw the final two dates, starting with Anton & Belle. They were discussing their plans once they left the villa, and revealed they wanted to keep the drama in the past. Back at the villa, however, Molly-Mae believed that their personalities would clash and they wouldn’t work on the outside world.

During the day, the boys received a text stating that they had secret challenges to complete, such as Tommy getting a massage from all the girls apart from Molly-Mae, someone hiding her toy Ellie-Bellie and somebody spilling milk on the girls “by accident”. If they succeeded, they would win evening drinks for the villa.

Tommy managed to get a massage from Maura, India and Amber, while Belle was on her date and not part of the challenge. Ovie, the biggest man in the villa, managed to hide the little teddy, and also managed to spill milk on Maura so smoothly you’d have thought it was really an accident. The final task was to persuade the girls to ‘salmon’ into the pool – they did it, and drinks were provided for all 10 Islanders!

A text received by the Islanders declared that they each had to vote who they believed to be the least compatible couple. Tommy & Molly-Mae and Greg & Amber received 0 votes, meaning that they were straight to the final.
Curtis & Maura received two votes along with Ovie & India, while Anton & Belle received one vote – all three couples were at risk of being dumped from the villa.

Sunday, July 28

The last day in the villa arrived, and it was time for the islanders to reunite with some of their families before the live show on Monday. Curtis received a family picture by text, with Maura realising that her parents and Curtis’ parents were with each other in front of the villa. Once they walked in, both of them rushed to their feet to welcome them and introduce the other islanders.

Maura’s mum trusted her judgement in men and believed that Curtis was a nice boy, praising him for being honest with Amy, instead of leading her on all the way to the end.

It was Ovie & India to see their family members next. They were met by India’s mum and sister, and Ovie’s cousin and brother. India’s mum said that Ovie looked better in real life and admitted that India didn’t think she would find the one for her! Ovie’s family explained why India was a good match for Ovie and said that she was #SOKOFamilyApproved.

The rest of the Islanders met members from their family, with Tommy & Molly-Mae’s families complimenting each other and Molly-Mae’s mum admitting that she also found Tommy incredibly attractive.

Greg’s mum bought Amber a lucky shamrock from Ireland and Anton was tested as to whether Belle or his own mum shaves his bum better. Anton and Amber had one final discussion before it was revealed which couple would be dumped before the Love Island final. They were both so happy that they were the only two original islanders who had made it this far after losing boys Callum, Sherif, Joe and Michael, as well as girls Yewande, Lucie, Amy and Anna. We said goodbye to Anton & Belle in an emotional departing from the show, leaving the four remaining couples to go through to the live final.

Monday, July 29: The live final

Live from Mallorca, Caroline Flack hosted the most emotional and exciting episode to date, reminding us what happened in the past two months in the villa. With Anton & Belle dumped, the other four couples got prepared for the Love Island ball. Firstly, two professional dancers by the names of Marie and Jose were introduced to the islanders, and they were taught basic dance moves so that when it came to the romantic dances in the evening, it wasn’t too awkward.

The girls were then sent to the shops to pick a dress, and the boys wrote their ‘declarations of love’. Each of the girls arrived back at the villa in their elegant dresses and came face to face with each of their partners dressed in three-piece suits. The declarations were very emotional and some were quite entertaining!

When it came down to the results it was Curtis & Maura who placed 4th, and Ovie & India who placed third. After another long five-minute wait of advertisements it was down to Caroline Flack to announce who had won the fifth series of Love Island

Greg & Amber took the title and became the winners of the show, with Tommy & Molly-Mae as the runners-up! The final challenge to test Greg and Amber’s love for each-other was the £50k envelope. Whoever opened the £50,000 written on the inside of their envelope had to decide whether to split the money half and half, or keep all the money for themselves. Amber had £0 whilst Greg had the £50,000 – and obviously, he decided to share it with Amber.

After an incredible eight weeks in the villa, we saw 36 islanders looking for love, but only two came out on top. Thank you to those of you who managed to read all of these weekly updates – for now, goodbye!

By Brandon Boyd

Feature image credit: ITV

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