Everything you need to know if you’re living at Byron

Overlooking the City Campus, above Nottingham Trent’s infamous Student union on Hampden Street, you’ll find a top-quality accommodation you’ll be lucky to stay at…

As a student about to go into my third year at NTU, with final year stress looming, I am looking back at my fond memories of my first year. A huge part was the friends I made in my accommodation. I was lucky enough to be able to stay at Byron residence where I made some amazing memories within my halls, however, there would’ve been a few things that I would’ve liked to have known prior to moving in. So here is my insight into life at Byron halls and the advice I would’ve wanted to know.

1. You can’t get much closer than Byron

Bryon Residence is found in the heart of City Campus. It is next door/above the Student Union and a short walk from all of the University buildings. Newton building is further away but still only a 5-minute walk!

2. Everything Nottingham has to offer is on your doorstep

Nottingham is an amazing city to be a student – it has so much to offer and Byron is a stone’s throw from it all. From LuvYaBabes (fancy dress shop that will become your best friend) to Aldi, it’s got all you need to be a student. The Victoria Shopping Centre is just down the road, all student nightclubs and supermarkets are within a walking distance and if you want to explore the city further e.g. the Lace Market the tram stops outside your front door. Throughout the year Nottingham hosts several different events such as the annual Goose Fair, fireworks and a Christmas market – make sure to check them all out. They are again walkable from Byron and a great way to have fun with your new friends!

3. If you think your overpacking – bring more storage!

One thing I wish I had known before moving into Byron was to bring more storage. The rooms are a comfortable size but they don’t offer much storage. There is a small wardrobe and shelving unit but as someone who tends to overpack, I struggled finding everything a home. The beds are quite low down, therefore the under-bed storage I bought was too big to fit. My flatmates, however, brought shallow under-bed storage which worked well. I would also recommend bringing a cabinet for your en-suite wet room to hold all of your bathroom belongings.

4. The kitchen gets cleaned weekly

I lived in a flat of 10 people, therefore, the kitchen wasn’t always kept to a good standard of cleanliness. At times it was really helpful to know a cleaner was coming in to do the basic cleaning essentials such as wipe the hob etc. There is no shame in admitting that university is the first step towards independence in your adult life, it definitely takes time to get used to the fact that you have to clean up after yourself, and not only that but do the jobs you didn’t notice being done at home such as wiping the sides etc. A cleaner coming in once a week was a nice way to ween you off home life and throw you in to full independence. However, I am going to warn you that if your kitchen is left really messy, they will not even attempt cleaning – you have to respect the cleaner as much as they respect you and your kitchen space. The kitchen is the only communal area in the flat so it is better for everyone for it not to be messy, this will mean that everyone will feel comfortable to hang out there.

5. Beware of the lifts on bin day or after an Ocean Wednesday… Always look before entering

This might differ from year to year however just a word of warning in case your year is anything like mine! It just takes one individual to have a leaky bin bag or heavy night to make the stairs the more attractive option. The staff and security are extremely good at cleaning up whatever mess is left behind, however when you have a 9am lecture the next morning and no one has reported it yet it is not the most pleasant of wake-up calls. Due to the bins being located in the courtyard, which meant walking outside, some flats decided it was a good idea to leave their bin bags in the lift which meant some unlucky person had to do their dirty work for them. Trust me, it is worth venturing outside even when it’s cold or wet because the smell of that elevator is one, I will never forget and not in a good way! It’s like crossing a road, look, look and look again before making a commitment because you never know what might have been left in that lift.

6. It is not the quietest of halls…

With Byron being situated above/near the Student Union depending on which block you choose or end up in it is most likely that there will always be some sort of noise coming from somewhere whether it be the SU, a pre-drinks, returners from a club night out etc. It is an extremely sociable student halls, make sure to join the Byron halls Facebook page so you know where everything is happening.  However, if you are not one for a party or just an extremely light sleeper, I would re-evaluate your choice or be sure to look into which block you choose as some blocks are directly above the Student Union. Others are independent blocks which are slightly further away from the action.

By Elizabeth Price

Feature image courtesy of Flickr

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