Love Island week three recap: Dating, dancing & dumping

Brandon is back to keep us clued-up on Love Island‘s third week…

Monday, June 17

During this episode we found out the results of the two couples voted by the rest of the islanders as the “least compatible”.

Both Curtis & Amy and Michael & Amber received no votes and Tommy & Molly-Mae and Danny & Yewande received two votes. Joe & Lucie, with three votes, and Anton & Elma, with five votes, were at risk of being dumped from the villa!

We also saw the dates between Anna, Maura and both the new boys Tom and Jordan. During Anna’s date with Tom, she said she preferred an older guy, and despite there being only one year age difference between the two of them, things seemed to go smoothly.

Maura, on the other hand seemed to fall for Jordan’s curly brown hair, but also seemed quite interested in getting to know Tom. We also found out that Jordan had an initial interest in Amber, but didn’t want to “step on anyone’s toes” – haven’t heard that phrase before!

Tuesday, June 18

The main topic of conversation over the next few episodes was the compatibility between Danny & Yewande and whether or not they would be suited for each other outside of the villa. Both of them seemed to have conversations with other islanders in the villa to discuss how Danny was trying his hardest to open up to Yewande, but she wasn’t the sort of person to open up right away – Amber faced a similar situation before opening up to Michael.

Maura & Elma also had a slight altercation over the discussion of Tom, and Maura pretty much confronted Elma asking why she wanted to start getting to know Tom, as she previously said she wasn’t interested. Elma stuck up for herself and said she’s allowed to talk to whoever she wants because she’s not in a couple, and throws shade at Maura by saying “That’s what you did with Tommy, knowing full well that Molly-Mae was interested in him”.

The islanders played a game called ‘eyes on the fries’ where each of them had to make a meal (burger, fries and a milkshake) with their couple without using their hands! Michael & Amber were hosting and Amber said “I think we got off lightly”. She was thankful that she didn’t have to take part, because the challenge looked messy.

Some of the islanders were incredibly good at the challenge, including Tom & Maura who won, along with Curtis & Amy and Jordan & Anna who didn’t do too badly either. However, with Tommy & Molly-Mae it looked as though Tommy’s aim was completely off, leaving food and milkshake dripping down Molly’s face. It was disgusting!

At the end of this episode, we found out that between the highest-voted couples of being incompatible outside the villa (Joe & Lucie and Anton & Elma), we were going to lose one islander from each couple in a shock elimination!

It was Joe and Elma that we said goodbye to, which left everyone devastated, including Lucie (who was coupled up with Joe) and Anton – who said goodbye to not only the girl he was coupled up with, but also his closest mate in the villa.

Wednesday, June 19

In this episode, there was lots of discussion about the latest dumped islanders from the villa and the girls were keeping an eye on Lucie, making sure she was alright! Molly-Mae and the other girls sat down on the bed and reassured Lucie that they were all there to support her, and although she felt like they were being harsh on her, they just wanted her to be happy.

Lucie also had a private chat with Maura about the situation, and she was again reassured that everything happens for a reason, and Joe would be waiting on the other side for when she left the villa.

Michael & Amber also had their first proper date, sitting down for dinner and finding out more about each other, including whether their families would like one another and who would travel to who’s hometown.

Amber also explained her initial reaction of Michael saying: “Just looking at you, you look like you’re going to ruin a girl’s life”, but it turns out that she likes him now. At the end of the episode, we found out that a new female Islander was about to enter the villa – but we didn’t find out who until the next day!

Thursday, June 20

We were hit with the shock entrance of new girl Arabella Chi, a model – and to the surprise of Curtis, they met in the kitchen alone, before he told the other islanders about the new girl. The funny part about this episode is that because Anton hadn’t found someone to couple up with properly, and both the girls he was trying to graft on either left the villa or “pied him off”, he was certain to give a good first impression, not matter who she was!

Lucie and Arabella had a brief conversation in the girls’ dressing room and they briefly exchanged details that they shared an ex-boyfriend. Before any other drama occurred in the villa, Arabella chose two of the boys to go on dates with: Danny and Anton. Yewande was obviously not happy with her decision, and the conversations due to follow got heated.

Her date with Danny seemed to go smoothly – lots of laughing, drinking and common interests, including that they both liked boxing and going to the gym, shared modelling as their career and preferred personality over looks. They also briefly spoke about the Danny/Yewande situation and how he wasn’t sure where it was going to go, as Yewande hadn’t properly opened up to him.

A few of the girls were having a discussion for who they would “Snog, Marry and Avoid”, with some interesting results. Maura said she’d snog Danny, marry Curtis and avoid Anton, Anna would snog Jordan, marry Curtis and also avoid Anton and Arabella would obviously snog Danny, also marry Curtis and avoid Tommy. Yewande finally opened up to Danny and they kissed – Jordan & Anna also shared a cheeky kiss.

To sum up this episode, Arabella went over to speak to Danny saying that Yewande “changed her tune” once the new girl walked in, and that if there was supposed to have been an initial romantic connection, it would have been there from the start.

Friday, June 21

To start off this episode we saw the outcome of the conversation between Danny & Arabella, and that he needs to pick his option sooner rather than later to avoid upsetting someone.

Danny spoke to Yewande about the possibility of a connection between the two of them and that he believed she was “egged on by the other girls”. She quickly denied it, and said that they just gave her the extra confidence that she needed in order to start opening up to him, but wasn’t sure where they were going to end up due to the arrival of the new girl.

With Arabella stuck between whether she wanted to get to know Danny or Anton better, what better way to lighten the mood than for the two of them to have a conversation next to the pool area! Yewande was watching the two of them talking and giggling, and had been told by Danny that she needed to show more affection, so she came and sat on Danny’s lap and started massaging him with suncream. Arabella wasn’t happy and confronted her later in the episode.

Another challenge was set, this time it was called ‘Snogathon’. In the challenge, each of the male Islanders had to stand still with sound proof headphones and goggles to prevent them knowing which girl was who. They each had to kiss all of the boys; however brief or long they wanted to, and were rated out of 10 by either of the guys individually.

Anna received the highest amount of votes and Amy received the lowest. After realising that Curtis gave her a 7/10 and new girl Arabella a 10/10, she wasn’t in the best of moods and wanted Curtis to make up for it. I’m going to stick up for Curtis here and say that he wouldn’t have purposely gave someone else 10/10 because he can’t see or hear anything – the scent of perfume would probably have been the only thing to give it away.

Later than evening Curtis & Amy had their first proper date outside the villa, and then had their first romantic dance – surprisingly, nobody mentioned that Curtis is a professional ballroom dancer. At the end of the episode we go back to Yewande and Arabella to find them discussing the topic of Danny once again. We didn’t find out any juicy gossip from this episode and had to wait until Sunday.

Sunday, June 23

This was probably the highlight episode of the week as things went from good to bad for Tom. A game of ‘Gym Bunnies’ was played by the girls, which Maura won! She chose Tom to spend a night in the hideaway with her, which soon turned sour.

Later that evening, Maura was in the middle of getting ready whilst Tom was outside with the boys, and made the rookie mistake of saying “It will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”, which Maura didn’t hear until she questioned him and he admitted what he was discussing with the boys.

She was absolutely fuming, and their night in the hideaway was ruined. Maura was incredibly angry and the final thing we see in this episode was her ranting to the girls about what he did and several attempts to apologise for his wrongdoing.

Stay tuned to read up on what happened in week four!

By Brandon Boyd

Feature image credit: Grazia

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