Our favourite cosplays from Em-Con 2019

Another year passes and so does another East-Midlands Comic Con at the Motorpoint. With an astounding showcase of creativity, we’re showing off our favourite costumes from this gathering of geeky madness.

Goblin Slayer from the anime series of the same name by Tom Rusha, 24, of Nottinghamshire. It took 24 hours of sanding alone to complete the 3D-printed helmet.

Kai Nelson, 22, Birmingham, and Georgia Ranwell, 21, Manchester, celebrating their one-year anniversary where it all began while dressed as Matt Smith’s Doctor Who and Amy Pond.

Megan Nilan, 22, Nottinghamshire, representing girl power as heroine powerhouse Captain Marvel.

The mystical Elaine Mein and Tony Perkins from Derbyshire as a Harry Potter power couple, complete with a unicorn horn – they stressed it was ethically-sourced.

Julie Foxx, 43, Nottinghamshire as Star Wars’ Darth Talon beside the Death Trooper of Christian Crabb, 45, Nottinghamshire which cost him around £600 for the full suit.

Niall Hickey, 27, Leicestershire with his Bat-family, every part built by him ready for the day out.

An intimidating Kylo Ren by Steve Wheat, 46, Nottinghamshire told us it tends to get “bloody hot” with an extra 12 kilos of fabric on-board.

The suave yet lethal Chris Calcutt, 18, Derbyshire as Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service, with a suit that was £180 alone!

Ruby Roundhouse from Jumanji by Niamh Nicholls, 19, Suffolk, who only managed to get around to making the leather holster a day before the convention.

Toby Channer, 23, Nottinghamshire, Cameron Bingham, 19, Rotherham and April Thompson, 25, Lincolnshire as Halo’s Master Chief and Red vs. Blue’s Tucker and Felix brought together by years of playing Halo.

This He-Man trio with Naomi Roose, 38, and Rachael Clifton-Brown, 43, both from Nottinghamshire, had about 300 hours of production time between them.

That wraps up our favourite costumed wonders for this year’s EM-con – which were your favourites? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

By Alex Mace

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