Fendi Vertigo Collection Review

Climbing walls, psychedelic prints, boxy silhouettes, and performance fabrics. The highly anticipated Fendi vertigo collection dropped on May 13th, after the stirring Instagram count down revealing a few of the pieces.

A main feature of the coveted collection is a playful, nostalgic 70’s illusion print, using the iconic Fendi monogram. WGSN state “Influencers are exploring playful, vibrant retro prints such as scarf prints and marbled swirls as a way to move on from tie-dye. This reflects ongoing consumer behaviours in discovering vintage fashion and reviving legacy prints through platforms such as TikTok”. Brand appropriate trend translation can be observed in this collection, with the Fendi DNA intertwined with current and commercial trends. keeping brand image, differentiation and value strong, as vintage nostalgia prints are a huge, saturated trend – making it important for Fendi to stand out as a brand personality.  The garments have an outdoorsy and adventure ready aesthetic, highlighted in the shoot that features climbing walls, paddle boards, binoculars and monogrammed camping equipment. A trend that WGSN coins as an “outdoor boom…a wave of consumers embraces fresh air and an outdoorsy lifestyle”.

A nostalgic 70’s colour palette juxtaposes the rough and ready outdoor fabrics and silhouettes, making this collection eye-catching for both men and women. The creativity of this capsule collection has no limits, with themes of freedom and adventure running throughout, possibly relating to the releasing of COVID-19 restrictions, the collection acts like a ray of sunshine amongst the typically brown, monogrammed Fendi apparel.

For Women we can see boxy and bulky silhouettes, with climbing cord, thick nylon tape trims and large, army style pockets alongside feminine mesh and form fitting crop tops. A playful and experimental take on femininity – playing with elements of both stereotypical male work and sportswear with feminine silhouettes and delicate fabrics. Setting up any consumer in practical yet stylish attire.  For the men, the same contemporary functionality can be seen with fisherman’s windbreakers, bowling shirts and Bermuda shorts. Though a more literal and less colourful interpretation of the “outdoor boom”, the op-art print and outdoor accessories that have been re-vamped in Fendi style – carry through the playful 70’s nostalgia, freedom and adventure’s themes of the capsule.

Overall, a fun collection for Fendi that follows current commercial trends, but has been kept in-line with the brand DNA and aesthetic.

By Freya Fowler

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