Our Top 5 Bimini Bon Boulash Looks From Drag Race UK

Bimini Bon Boulash, drag race season 2 runner up, has recently signed with NEXT modelling agency. “This is a huge step for non-binary representation in fashion” Bimini states, as well as being massive for the UK drag scene in its entirety. In light of Bon Boulash’s recent success, we thought it was only right to review her top 5 looks, on drag race UK.

1. Acne suit

Image from Grazia Daily

Making what society deems ugly, beautiful. A powerful and needed statement in 2021. This stunning two-piece suit not only shows gender fluidity, as there as masculine and feminine fashion aspects present, but also takes inspiration from the normal, yet ostracised topic of acne and blemishes. The second-skin appearance of this whole look paired with the bold hair and makeup, shares the message that we should be confident in out own skin and things are only imperfect if you view them that way.

2. Princess Julia

Image from Dazed

The theme for this particular week was gay icons, and Bimini opted for a couture take on Princess Julia – the London based club and subculture fashion icon. Dubbed the first lady of the London underground fashion scene, Princess Julia is a big deal, and she became popular through being unapologetically herself – from the way she dressed to the rights she stood up for – moving through every important scene, including punk. Punk is about being loud and obvious in political views, as well as making a statement through music and fashion. Here, Bimini clearly has used Princess Julia’s punk style as inspiration, exaggerating obviously punky aspects such as the choppy mullet, tartan print, and chains – therefore making the look more appropriate for a drag race runway.

3. Bacteria

Image from Grazia

Bimini’s Iris Van Herpen inspired look she presented for the prehistoric runway, was sophisticated in both its fashion and history references. The ‘outside of the box’ approach on the prehistoric brief, elevated the look and detail can be seen from head to toe, with unnaturally shaped heels, white contact lenses and coiled hairstyle. The dark, rich colours sit confidently on the free-flowing dress, that bobbed as she walked the runway – resembling the movements of bacteria under a microscope

4. Pantomime Dames

Image from Pinterest.com

A nod to the British origin of drag, theatre where men have been dressing as women for centuries. Bimini took a traditional approach to this catwalk, with bloomers, over the top frills, ruffles, and exaggerated makeup (blue eyeshadow and red lipstick, a classic musical theatre combination). The pairing of hyperfeminine trims and details, with a simple 3 colour palette adds sophistication to a potentially cheesy look. An important detail is the short length of the dress, this allowed the audience to see the bloomers as well as give Bimini a silhouette, in a dress that really has no shape and could have looked bulky and unpolished if any longer on such a petite queen.

5. Bridal Finale

Image from twitter.com

Couture runways end their finale on bridal and therefore, it was only right for Bimini to end her finale on bridal too. The punky and anti-tradition take on a wedding dress is quintessentially Bimini. Taboo nipple diamantes, stockings, and high cut leotard juxtapose the delicate puff sleeves and girly tule train. A scandalous punk aesthetic gives a couture yet playful and rebellious feel to the look – leaving the image fixed in the audience’s mind. An effective choice for her final runway.

By Freya Fowler

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