Octavian and Skepta's 'Boring'

Octavian and Skepta’s latest collab is anything but ‘Boring’

Octavian entered the rap scene back in 2016, and his distinguishable vocals coupled with his style and confidence quickly made him a valued member of an already congested and esteemed UK scene.

His cross fusion of R&B, hip-hop and rap gave him a different pathway from that of his peers, and was hailed most notably by Drake for his merging and fusion of genres.

The French-born rapper has had features with the likes of Gunna, A$AP Ferg and Skepta, and his relationship with the latter has particularly sent his career on an upward trajectory.

‘Bet’ and ‘Papi Chulo’ have been some of Octavian’s stand-out pieces of work, both featuring the flows and bars of one of the UK’s most influential artists.

‘Boring’ is the third instalment of a collaboration between the two.

First released in 2021 alongside Birmingham-born Chelji, the composition finally made it to Spotify this year.

The release in its latest format does only feature Skepta and Octavian however, with the up-and-coming young rapper not making the final edit.

Rumours of an arrest may be the reason for her absence, but nonetheless, the song still manages to hold its own as a duet.

The tune plays into the hands of both artists simultaneously with its American-style flow, allowing each to take turns on its high-intensity beat and do what they do best – create energy.

Similar to Bet with its catchy style, Boring is taken from the same script and delivers pace and precision on its melodies.

Whether you’re out at a festival, in the car or at home in need of a pick-me-up, this song is the way to go for two minutes of adrenaline.

Lines like / ‘we the best around but save that convo for another day’ / feed into the character that Octavian has created amongst his fans, and with more of this work rate, he will hope to be spoken of in the same conversation as Skepta soon enough.

Rating: 8/10

Feature Image Credit: Octavian Lanoire, Twitter

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