Platform Wrapped 2023: What Have Our Members Been Listening To?

As 2023 draws to a close, that can only mean one thing for music lovers around the world- the release of much-anticipated Spotify Wrapped.

We asked our members divulge, letting us in on their top streaming statistics of the year.

Hannah Adams:

Although my Spotify Wrapped for 2023 was arguably predictable, it was still just as enjoyable to receive.

Chase Atlantic was my top artist for the second year running, coming as no surprise as I was lucky enough to see them live in January, with the post-concert blues obviously lingering as I continued to reminisce throughout the year.

Other artists which appeared in my top five included Ruel, Inhaler and Harry Styles, which were all seemingly fitting as I was also lucky enough to see all of them live this year.

There is no denying that I have had Ruel’s debut album ‘4th Wall’ on repeat since its release in March, with opening track ‘GO ON WITHOUT ME’ being my most played this year, 282 times to be precise.

My listening habits meant that I was branded as a ‘time traveller’, claiming that I listen to my favourite songs on repeat, proving that the best tracks never get old.

Talia Robinson:

Clocking in just under 15,000 minutes on the app, it’s a surprise I was in the top 1% of ANYONE’s listeners. The dust on my CD collection rarely had a chance to settle this year, physical media my preferred listening experience, yet Spotify managed to pick this silly little habit up of mine: I was diagnosed as a ‘Hypnotist’, playing albums all the way through is a niche of mine, apparently.

And is it any surprise with the emo-renaissance this year? Fall Out Boy and Paramore both released phenomenal albums and took my first and second spot respectively; I truly sweated the Panic! At The Disco fever out as they claimed fifth. I hadn’t listened to them in years yet news of the band (ahem, solo project at this point) ending must’ve resonated amongst the teenage angst.

I guess you could call this my RAWR-ing twenties?

Zoe Barnett:

It’s that time of year again for all things to be wrapped!

The legendary ‘Spotify Wrapped’ was released a few weeks ago, causing a flurry of posts over social media, the news, and of course got me reflecting on my own.

I have always been a huge fan of pop music, and despite playing 1300 songs this year, pop was my number-one genre for the third year in a row.

It was no surprise to me that Harry Styles was my number-one artist- I couldn’t get enough of Little Freak. He was closely followed in second place by Taylor Swift as I have had ‘Midnights’ on repeat all year, as well as her new album releases.

Finally, Olivia Rodrigo made my top 3 artists, again! The release of ‘Guts’ and her previous ‘Sour’ album will always have a place in my heart.


Aisha Alli-Balogun:

After receiving my Spotify Wrapped, I can’t say I’m surprised by what I got.

For top artists, the number one spot was taken by none other than Stray Kids followed by Ateez, The Neighbourhood, Seventeen and last but not least, BTS.

I’m sure everyone can guess that my top genre is K-POP, how could it not be?

As for my top songs, the number one spot was taken by ‘Ride For Me’ by Devita (great song, very addicted), followed by ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ by Arctic Monkeys, ‘Girl Gvng’ by XG, ‘Shoon’g by Taeyang and last but not least ‘Calling’ by Metro Boomin’.

Overall, I have spent 2,753 minutes listening to music, I am clearly not listening to music enough. I blame my PlayStation.

Chloe Haslam:

The debut of Spotify Wrapped this year got me rather amped to see which artist would be taking the top spot.

Claiming that title was none other than Beyoncé Knowles. The star’s seventh solo album, Renaissance, was among many that I repeatedly played throughout the year.

The genres of pop, dance, house, disco, and R&B prompted such a consistent replay.

I was among the top 2% of listeners and spent 614 minutes in total listening to her songs.

Beyoncé’s futuristic hit single ‘ALIEN SUPERSTAR’ on the album was also my most popular song of the year. The song displays a perfect remedy of synth-pop, house, dance-pop and ballroom.

Featured Image Credit: Spotify

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