Bistrot Pierre teams with The Helpful Bureau to give free meals to residents in need

Diners attending the restaurant Bistrot Pierre will be contributing towards a free restaurant meal for a resident in need in the Nottingham community.

The scheme is based on the number of bookings on Sundays during December – if a party of six booked on a Sunday in December, it gives a three-course meal to the charity from their set menu and a drink.

The charity, The Helpful Bureau, communicate with the restaurant about the people they feel need the help then most such as people who can’t go out, don’t have friends or family or the financial ability to come out: they choose the people who can then attend the restaurant and enjoy the free meal which is redeemable in January 2024.

“Although in hospitality it’s very well documented that we’re not going through the best time in terms of the cost of living crisis and everything else that is going on, but it falls to us as we believe we’ve got a responsibility to do something

Jessica Wright, Marketing Director at Bistrot Pierre

Jessica Wight, Marketing Director at Bistrot Pierre, said: “We are really community led so giving back in the communities where it makes complete sense.

“What often isn’t done is to invite people into the places that we run and own are proud of to experience them if maybe they can’t or won’t because they’ve got no one to go with and I think that’s super important for us to be accessible and give people a great time.”

The Helpful Bureau describes themselves on their website as ‘helping over 55’s and disabled people within the Broxtowe area remain independent and safe at home since 1975.’

This is the second year the scheme has been running and this initiative comes after a year that has seen an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, and an increase in those relying on charity support.

According to the independent think tank The Resolution Foundation, studies have found that a further 1.3 million people have been pushed into poverty during 2023

Jessica also said: “(Solving these issues) falls to everyone.

A view of the inside of the restaurant.

“I think the main supporter of The Helpful Bureau is the Nottingham council, so obviously there’s a lot of help there, but as we all know, councils don’t have all the money in the world.

To see The Helpful Bureau’s website and the work they do the link here can be used.

Jessica added: “Really our success comes off of the feedback that we get from the charities.

“We just want them to have a good time.”

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