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Single Review: Calum Scott – ‘No Matter What’

A raw, emotional and heart-rending ballad shows Calum’s more vulnerable side, in his new single ‘No Matter What.’

For anyone who was lucky enough to see Calum Scott when he embarked on his Only Human tour that took him to Nottingham’s Rock City and now taking him to the likes of South Africa and Asia, you will have heard Calum perform what he admits is his “most personal” song yet. He even admitted then that he could never perform that one song, “No Matter What”, without crying.

Explaining to his followers on social media, Calum stated that he was finally ready to share the song with the world, a ballad that tells the story of when Calum came out as gay to his friends and family and how they reacted. This song comes just days after Calum uploaded a video for National Coming Out day, further explaining the experiences he had when he was younger.

The song itself contains the slow and heart wrenching melody that we are used to from Calum, one that we first heard on his debut album ‘Only Human’ which reached number 4 on the UK charts last year.

Once again the poignant lyrics will resonate with fans all across the world, Calum sings about his mother’s reaction to when he told her that he was gay, saying, ‘she said, “I love you no matter what, I just want you to be happy and always be who you are”, pushing past the vulnerability he felt in that moment and focusing on the surprise he felt when is family supported him.

Turning his vulnerability into strength in this song, Calum proves with “No Matter What” that his most emotive songs are his best.

No Matter What is available now and is one of four new songs off Calum Scott’s upcoming release – Only Human Special Edition, out 30th November.

By Faith Pring

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