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What tracks you should be listening to this week

Our picks of the hottest new music this week…

Stats — The Family Business

 If you’re looking for a new uplifting, shimmering dance-pop band, look no further than London-based Stats. With their debut album being released February 15, this track takes influence from 80s rock with a lo-fi feel, and if it’s anything to go by there’s no doubt their album will be incredible.

Astrid S — Someone New

Co-written by pop geniuses Noonie Bao and Charli XCX, the Norwegian artist returns with a bouncy and striking track showing everyone how it’s really done. After all, the best pop-stars are Scandinavian, right?

Kim Petras — 1,2,3 dayz up

 After sitting on this banger for several months, it was about time her and producer of the track, SOPHIE, came together and released it to the world. Tropical synths, crazy lyrics and an overall party smasher… “I wanna party with Jesus” she sings, which seems like a fairly reasonable demand.

MARINA — Handmade Heaven

 She’s dropped the diamonds, actually… her name’s Marina. It’s been a long four years since her last LP, the wonderfully colourful ‘Froot,’ but now she’s back to bless us with new music. Although it seems slightly confusing why she would release a ballad as a lead single, albeit beautiful and heavenly, we won’t question her decisions.

Erica Cody — Over & Over

 Written after being stood up for 3 hours, the Irish R&B singer has released her first single of the year and is an absolute jam. With its slick melodies and smooth production, the track has an extreme 90s feel, familiarising with the likes of Aaliyah and Jodeci.

Terror Jr — Loner

 There was a time when this American pop duo were so lowkey that people believed the lead singer was Kylie Jenner. But since then, they themselves have come to the forefront, and although the album lacks the futuristic sheen they possessed on their earlier EPs, this track is an absolute standout.

Ariana Grande — Bloodline

 After the underwhelming not-so-Sweetener, it seems like Ariana has completely found herself on her new, coherent LP. Even though it’s hard for me to accept that she’ll never deliver a Greedy 2.0, this will do just fine. The trumpets, catchy melodies and audacious lyrics have come together to curate the perfect pop song. Oh, and having Max Martin produce it probably isn’t a bad idea either.

You can listen to our February playlist below.

By Nick Lowe

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