Nottingham City Transport celebrates 125-year anniversary with special themed bus

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) is celebrating its 125-year-old anniversary this October with a special Nottingham-themed bus around the Nottingham City area.

On 16th October 1897, Nottingham City Council took over the Nottingham & District Tramways Company which operated horse-drawn trams and buses within the city.

It has since evolved to operate electric trams, trolleybuses, petrol, and diesel buses and is now home to the world’s largest fleet of bio-gas buses.

Nottingham City Transport’s Director, David Astill,31, Nottingham, said: “We are very proud at NCT to have served the people of Greater Nottingham since 1878.

“At the current time there is much political debate as to whether there may be a greater role for local authority owned bus operation in the years ahead, and so it is right that we should use this opportunity to celebrate our continued municipal ownership which started 125 years ago this month.”

The red, green, and white of the Nottinghamshire flag served as the foundation for the special Nottingham-themed bus that NCT unveiled to celebrate the significant milestone.

The bus includes more than 20 hidden references to Nottingham for guests to explore and learn (Credit: Nottingham City Transport)
The bus includes more than 20 hidden references to Nottingham for guests to explore and learn (Credit: Nottingham City Transport)

Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for highways, Transport and Park Councillor Audra Wynter said: “We are extremely proud that 125 years on, we still have our publicly-owned bus company in Nottingham, one which is constantly improving its services, is recognized nationally as one of the best bus operators in the country and is helping us towards our carbon neutral targets with cleaner, greener buses and giving people a great alternative to the car.

“This is thanks to the strength and foresight of the council’s leader during the 1980s bus reforms to keep Nottingham City Transport publicly owned.”

She added: “NCT is as much a part of the fabric of the city as Goose Fair, the Council House lions and many of the other local icons featured on the special bus celebrating 125 years of public ownership. We look forward to helping it to continue leading the way in the years ahead.”

The city’s bus lines will be serviced by the 125th anniversary-themed bus.

Lead Image: Nottingham City Transport

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