Nottingham vigil held marking one year anniversary of tragic murder of George Floyd

The vigil was organised by Nottingham Next Gen Movement in Old Market Square with crowds paying their respects to George Floyd’s death anniversary.

The remembrance began at 6 pm when crowds slowly gathered in Nottingham City Centre to undergo a nine-and-a-half-minute silence, followed by speakers from the Nottingham Next Gen Movement.

Shanice Vincent, an attendee of the vigil.

Shanice Vincent, 27, an organiser of the vigil said: “Obviously it was a smaller turnout today but we appreciate everyone that attends.

“After the Black Lives Matter protest last year, we couldn’t just stop; there are more things that need to be talked about.”

Reporters Shannon Samecki and Rucsandra Moldoveanu reported there to be approximately 50 people in attendance.

The number of people who gathered today was smaller compared to the Black Lives Matter protest held last year on June 7, 2020, where over 4,000 attended at Nottingham’s Forest Recreation ground.

Mustafa Qadri, 21, NTU Journalism student and fellow attendee to the vigil added: “I’m here to support the BLM movement and to pay tribute to George Floyd.

Crowds kneel in respect of the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

“More awareness needs to be raised for black minorities across the world.”

Other vigils are due to be held across the UK in remembrance of George Floyd’s murder.

By Shannon Samecki, Rucsandra Moldoveanu and Katie Green


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