‘Plague on this city’ – Social media users react to footage of students crowding Arboretum after lockdown rules relaxed

Nottingham’s student community has been labelled as “idiots” and “embarrassing” after hundreds turned up to the Arboretum after lockdown rules were relaxed.

Footage shared on social media showed large numbers of students gathering with very little social distancing in the popular park.

Young people were seen sitting in large groups, littering and causing general disturbance to passers-by – one video showed a fight breaking out between several individuals.

The scenes come after lockdown was eased further on March 29 with the return of an amended Rule of Six.

Boris Johnson’s latest stage in relaxing lockdown allows up to six people, or more if from two households, to meet in public spaces.

It is not yet known if Nottinghamshire Police have issued any fines following the scenes.

The incident has not, however, escaped fierce levels of criticism.

One social media user said: “I hated students when I was a student and I still hate them now”.

Others added that the scenes were “embarrassing” and that students “are a plague” on Nottingham.

“Look at all the mess the scruffy c****. How hard is it to pick up after yourselves?” one commented.

Another Tweeted to say that it “sounded like a football match”.

The past two weekends Nottinghamshire Police have enforced dispersal orders on densely-populated student areas – including the Arboretum.

Nottingham City Councillor Rebecca Langton, Portfolio Holder for Communities and Strategic Transport, tweeted to say she was “angry and embarrassed” by the crowds gathering in the Arboretum.

She added: “It is absolutely unacceptable to put our key workers at additional risk – from CPOs (Community Protection Officers) to cleansing teams left to clear the mess, not to mention the complete disregard for public safety or the law.”

By Matt Lee

Lead Image: @Duhhh_Dummy / Twitter

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  1. It’s easy to blame students when others have been breaking the rules for almost a year
    Add to that how important students are to the Nottingham economy and perhaps people should hold judgment until we know all the facts

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