Pizza Punks offering student friendly deals: a review

Often seen as the Soho of Nottingham, Pizza Punks fits in well in the Hockley area with its vibrant take on a pizzeria.

Punky is a great way to describe the vibe when entering the restaurant: it’s neon, it’s hipster, and it’s most definitely unique.

Student discounts are offered Sunday-Thursday with 25 per cent off your food bill.

A very full table after each ordering one pizza and side.

There is almost an 80s-themed diner feel when entering, the wooden tables, rock playlist and wall art don’t scream fine dining and yet when the food came it was very flavourful.

The first mistake I made was ordering garlic bread with the pizza: the unbelievable amount of carbs and generous portion sizes did leave me struggling to finish – this wasn’t an issue for the others who joined me who opted for the wings to start with.

An example of a neon-filled wall inside the restaurant.

The menu toppings for the pizza really do cater to everyone.

From simple classics like Margherita and Pepperoni all the way to the different end of the spectrum with Carbonara and Cheeseburger Pizza.

There was even an option to create your own with toppings such as black pudding, caramelised pineapple and BBQ-pulled jackfruit – the toppings really do fit the idea of straying away from the norm.

Joe James after his shocking beer can pour.

Alongside me on the night we went were three friends so here is what they had to say.

Joe James said: “It had everything you could want from a pizza restaurant, and some of the topping options available range from the very obscure to the outrageous.

“I can see Pizza Punks being one of the go-to restaurants in Nottingham in the very near future.”

Aman Mahmood said: “A classy, yet student-friendly diner which boasted a wildly authentic menu, proved by the fact we all exchanged food at some point simply out of curiosity.

“Pizza Punks is somewhere I certainly will be returning to.”

Marcus Bennett said: “Fair prices, good portions and great location.

“Pizza Punks is a spot with a varied menu and value-for-money deals.”

He added: “A stones throw away from Market Square and the tram station makes it very accessible.”

To sum up – the place is different to most and is vibrant, the vibe when walking in is warm yet hipster and it isn’t just a gimmick.

The food can be as basic or as outrageous as you want and is very good quality for a reasonable price.

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