The politician’s student’s want to go drinking with

With the recent elections in mind, Nido Student (a leading UK student accommodation provider in the UK) polled 1,678 students from all regions of the UK. They then posed a list of scenarios and students could choose who was “most likely to…” from a list of the main figures in current British politics. This asked students who they would borrow money from, have a beer with and expect to find on a dating app, amongst other scenarios. The results give a good insight into how politicians are perceived amongst students today and show whether they are relatable to Generation Z.

Boris Johnson was the politician students from around the country who would most like to go to the pub with (29% chose him). However, Londoners would rather have a beer with Jeremy Corbyn than Boris and Scottish students voted Nicola Sturgeon to join for a beer. Boris was chosen as most likely to be found on a dating app and also most likely to star in a reality TV show. Nigel Farage was dubbed “Most likely to get into a fight”. Below are a few questions asked along with the student’s verdicts.

Which would you trust most to mind your purse or wallet?

Jeremy Corbyn (35%)

  • Least likely Michael Gove (2%)
  • London: Jeremy Corbyn

Who would be most likely to forget to text you back?

Boris Johnson (45%)

  • Least likely is Jonathan Bartley (under 1%)
  • London: Boris Johnson

Who would you most like to go to the pub with?

Boris Johnson (29%)

  • Least likely Michael Gove at 2%
  • London: Jeremy Corbyn

Who is most likely to star in a reality TV show?

Boris Johnson (47%)

  • Jonathan Bartley least at 1%
  • London: Boris Johnson

Most likely to get into a fight?

Nigel Farage (37%)

  • Least likely Jonathan Bartley or Dianne Abbott at 2% each
  • London: Joint Boris and Nigel

With that in mind, it is clear the most trusting politician amongst the students is Jeremy Corbyn!

By Abi Trunk

Feature image courtesy of Financial times

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