Nottingham City council announce plans to be UK’s first carbon neutral city

On 13 January 2020 Nottingham city council declared a climate emergency and their possible solutions to the issue.

Nottingham city council announced their desire to be the UK’s very first carbon neutral city by 2028.

In order to be carbon neutral, Nottingham will have to remove as much carbon dioxide from the air as they put into it.

Councillor Sally Longford explained that the development would help improve the “quality of life and builds a new form of clean growth” in the city.

In order to become carbon neutral, Nottingham will have to change a few things and they have explained how they’re planning on doing so.

Firstly, they are planning on further expanding the use of buses and electric cars across the city, despite the recent expansion on the Nottingham City Transport electric bus services.

The council are also planning on making homes more energy efficient with the introduction of more solar panels, recycling water and relying more upon local produce to reduce consumption.

Nottingham Trent University’s student’s union president also offered his support to the council upon the announcement.

This news comes just weeks after Nottingham was revealed to have the cleanest air in the UK.

By Faith Pring

Feature image credit: Nottingham City Council

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