Nottingham named UK city with the cleanest air

Nottingham had been named the cleanest city in the UK for air quality according to a new report conducted by Compare the Market.

Compare the Market published their report on the greenest cities in the UK, and although Nottingham finished 23rd on their list, the city was found to have the cleanest air quality.

Air quality was assessed based upon the annual average of pollutants in the region and was scored out of ten, with a lower score meaning cleaner air.

Nottingham gained a score of 2.342, compared to 3.003 in London and 3.219 in Southampton.

The report also measured a city’s ability to recycle and the amount of electric cars and parks available in the area.

According to Compare the Market’s report, Nottingham has a population of 331,069, and has 0.88 parks per 10,000 people.

Nottingham was also found to recycle or reuse 29.9% of household waste.

These findings support the constant measures that companies are taking to reduce air pollution in the city, such us Nottingham City Transport’s biogas buses.

Nottingham City Council revealed their plans in January 2019 to get the city carbon neutral by 2028, two years earlier than the national average.

You can read Compare the Market’s full report here:

By Faith Pring

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