Bladerunner 2049: An iconic sequel surpassing its predecessor

Bladerunner 2049 is a rare instance of a sequel living up to and surpassing its predecessor in nearly all aspects, successfully expanding the universe in an immersive and breathtaking manner.

Denis Villeneuve continues his impressive form with yet another visually stunning and brilliant narrative-driven film.


Truly, the most striking aspect of the film proves to be its visual flair and world building that begs for more, whilst also providing a satisfying expansion of the Bladerunner universe.


Acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakons , excels in his craft. From the dark noir of the futuristic LA in which the film is primarily based, to the vast emptiness of the wastelands, the film truly inspires the imagination with every frame; each worthy of a desktop background.


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One of the core aspects of the original film was its legendary score -a mixture of classic synthesisers- produced by Vangelis, that flawlessly reflected the futuristic noir envisioned by Ridley Scott when he first set about creating the expansive world of the series.

Who better to take up the mantle for this iconic score than the acclaimed Hans Zimmer alongside the esteemed Benjamin Wallfisch? The duo perfectly captured the magic of the original score with their 24 – track soundtrack that is honestly one of Zimmer’s best since inception.


The combination of the screen chewing background, this magnificent score and impressive acting from an all-star cast, truly leave the viewer begging for more.


Harrison Ford gives one of his best performances in years, coupled with yet another fantastic performance from Gosling who takes up the mantle phenomenally. Jared Leto redeems himself here from his lacklustre role in suicide squad, showing that with the correct supporting cast and production crew, he is worthy of his Oscar acclaim.


The film comes to an extended length of two hours and forty – four minutes yet never feels likes it overstays its welcome, the pacing is spot on and no scene ever feels too dragged out due to the luscious imagery portrayed and the strength of the onscreen performances.


There also lies a deep philosophy that many have pondered throughout history.  The film explores many aspects of the question,”What does it mean to be human?”, both making the viewer think, while simultaneously delivering an epic story which genuinely makes you feel for each character.


Check out the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 below:

Overall, Bladerunner 2049 – a near perfect example of modern cinema is not only stunning to the eye, with a strong narrative, and compelling characters -effortlessly captures the imagination of its audience.It doesn’t just live up to Ridley Scott’s iconic predecessor, it surpasses it. And if a third film is ever planned in this series, one can only hope it lives up to the level of a master – filmmaking exhibited here.


By Ashley Morris

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