“Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour” movie – all you need to know

Written by: Maizie Booth

Photo by Stephen Mease on Unsplash.

Taylor Swift’s current tour, named the Era’s tour, has been recognised globally as a must-see event with tickets being sold astronomically fast and many people being unable to get them.

With the massively popular reaction to this tour, Swift has graciously produced and released a concert-film for the unfortunate fans that didn’t manage to get tickets.

The movie is surrounded around the three concerts she performed in California, with near enough a replica of the set of the real thing.

I was one of the many Swifties that attended the concert-film opening night and I certainly wasn’t disappointed; it’s a must-see!

The movie had the audience singing and dancing along, which is often not the usual movie vibe but how can you not dance to Taylor Swift?!

The movie is definitely a good substitute for the concert if you’ve been unfortunate enough to not grab tickets.

Rated at PG-13, it’s perfect to go to with your family, your friends or a partner! I went with my partner and even though he isn’t as much of an avid fan of her music as myself, he still enjoyed – a testament to this movie appealing to everyone!

Here is everything you need to know about the must-watch concert movie.

Taylor Swift: Eras Tour cup and popcorn bucket merch

Upon entering the cinema, you get greeted with a poster of the movie and can buy a Taylor Swift themed cup or popcorn bucket at the concessions stand.

The merchandise is sold with varying prices at Vue, Odean and Cineworld but many people are already selling it online.

Ticket prices

Tickets for Adults are £19.89 which is a subtle reference towards the upcoming release of Taylor’s rerecorded album 1989 (coming on October 27th)

Tickets for Children are £13.13 which once again is a reference but towards Swift’s favourite number; this is also why the film got released on the 13th of October.

Although more on the pricey side, the concert- film offers a cheaper but just as enjoyable way of experiencing the global tour.

How long is the film-concerts run time?

The movie last 168 minutes, almost three hours. Taylor includes many of the songs on the concert setlist but misses out several.

What is not included?

The Archer and Cardigan not being in was certainly the most upsetting cuts for me when I watched the movie.

Overall, a must watch for any avid Swiftie or someone looking for a sing along with some catchy hits in the cinema.


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