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It is fair to say that Nottingham has a reputation for one of the best clubbing scenes in the UK. Platform have brought together a list of club reviews and ratings, to help guide you in the right direction when deciding a night out.

Whether you’re a fresher, a second or third year, or just a general club go-er, this guide will give you insight into the top clubs and bars in Nottingham!


Rock City

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Rock City host up-coming bands and popular artists in their venue, alongside popular student nights. For NTU, the best night to go to Rock City is Thursday, as you can enjoy 2-4-1 drinks all night. There are also 3 different rooms: RnB, Rock and the main room, catering for all music tastes. Tickets for Rock City are £5, we recommend buying these in advanced to avoid long queues, especially at the start of the year when the venue gets unbelievably packed. Rock City occasionally host themed nights which are always executed in an extravagant way- previous themed nights include ‘Donald Trump’s Mexican Fiesta’ (personal favourite) and ‘Alice in wonderland end of term party’. Overall, Rock City is one of the best clubs in terms of quality of the night and value for money, 2-4-1 drinks you cannot complain with.


Ticket Price: £5 ticket with 2-4-1 Drinks on Thursday and student offers for other club nights such as Friday.

Quality of the night: 9/10

How drunk you may need to be: 8/10

Atmosphere: 10/10



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Pryzm hosts an impressive 2 clubs with 4 different themed bars; a ‘cheese’ room, the tiki lounge, a ski lodge, Curve (the RnB room) and the main room. Pryzm occasionally do themed nights such as ‘drake night’ and ‘beyonce night’. They cater for those who enjoy ‘dance music’ and RnB more than any other music genre, so if you enjoy Rock or any other genre besides this, Pryzm probably isn’t the place for you. The downside to Pryzm is that, although they offer drink offers on Tuesday for student night, it’s slightly more expensive to clubs that offer the 2-4-1 drink offers.


Ticket Price: £5

Quality of the night: 7/10

How drunk you may need to be: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8/10



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Ocean is without a doubt, NTU’s favourite night out. On Wednesday every week around 9pm students from all over the city are seen roaming the streets wearing leotards and banana costumes. In terms of fun, ocean is without a doubt the funniest and messiest night out of them all, hence why us students can’t resist it every Wednesday evening.



Ticket Price: £5

Quality of the night: 9/10

How drunk you may need to be: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10


Pom Pom

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Pom Pom is located right next to the Corner house. The venue offers a main room and an RnB room. This club bids the best value for students, the drinks are always cheap, the tickets are low-priced, what more could you possibly want as a broke student? Pom Pom (for NTU) is best to attend on a Monday, however, they offer cheap drinks and cheap entry most days of the week.


Ticket Price: Pom Pom offer a £1 guestlist on Monday.

Quality of the night: 7.5/10

How drunk you may need to be: 7/10

Atmosphere: 8.5/10



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Ink aims to ‘explore and celebrate the UK’s electronic music scene’. It is a club which offers different rooms and music varieties depending on the individuals taste. In terms of aesthetics, Ink is the best club. The sleek and slick venue offers a lot of visual emphasis; flashing strobe lights and flashing LED screens. The only downside to Ink is that they no longer offer the student night on a Tuesday- meaning if you decide to go on the weekend, the drinks are a lot more expensive than a student night.


Ticket Price: £5

How drunk you may need to be: 9/10

Quality of the night: 6/10

Atmosphere: 6.5/10




Stealth & Rescue Rooms

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Stealth is the ‘musical mecca’ for dance fans. They offer a venue for famous DJs and club nights. Ranked 65th best nightclub in the world, this club is joined onto ‘rescue rooms’ often offering a joint club night with their sister venue. Their sister venue rescue rooms promote a student night on Tuesday, offering 2-4-1 drinks. The music in Rescue Rooms is mostly indie and rock.



Ticket Price: £5

How drunk you may need to be: 9.5/10

Quality of the night: 8/10

Atmosphere: 9/10


Coco Tang

Photo credit: tripadvisor

Coco tang is a funky underground bar/club which offers a mix of chart and dance music. This club offers a variety of sensational cocktails; a personal favourite being the Toblerone cocktail which may seem like a dream to drink but after a few may get you on the floor. The ‘zombie’ cocktail has a mix of different spirits, which again, may seem like a dream to drink initially. Overall, Coco Tang isn’t a place where you need to be drunk to enjoy the night, as it’s slightly more chilled than the bigger clubs. However, in terms of prices for drinks, it is more expensive than the bigger clubs. But totally worth it if you want an amazing cocktail.


Ticket Price: Free on a Wednesday

How drunk you may need to be: 7/10

Quality of the night: 10/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

By Mia Penny


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